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10 Legitimate Ways to Make Extra Money from Home

Written by Devi and Updated on September 13, 2021  0 Comments ]

Find the list of real ways to make extra money from home.

We are living in a world full of expenses more than earnings and everyone wants to make extra money from home to manage their expenses.

This could fit any people, for a college student who stills needs additional money for pocket expenses.

An adult who is looking to increase savings and reduce debts, small extra revenue is always a benefit for them.

make extra money from home

You can’t live a satisfying life with your current financial situation which is having an enormous effect on your daily life.

Increasing expenses but decreasing employment therefore low salary or monthly wages creates a huge bridge between income and expenses.

If you don’t have cash in your hand at the time of spending, you may miss life’s wonderful moments such as spending time with lovable ones, etc.

I am not saying you to make 1000s of dollars every month but even a few 100 dollars will bring you a notable difference at the end of the month.

Top 10 Ways to Make Extra Money From Home

In this article, I will share some of the easy ways to make extra money from home by utilizing your skills and your daily free time.

The best part of this article is all the ideas are thoroughly researched, well-tested from different sources.

I myself personally achieved success by some of these ideas such as Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

1. Get Paid Extra for Online Surveys

Do you know millions of companies are ready to pay you for doing a small task such as answering simple questions?

Sharing your experience while answering them will make your real money from your home. It’s possible to earn a few hundred dollars a month.

I am not going to say, you can make $1000 and more every month from online surveys, but 100$ this month would help you pay your bills.

Most of the surveys will pay $0.01 to $5 sometimes more than $10.

How to start? A very nice question that I should answer here now, to give you an idea to earn extra money from home through paid online surveys.

First, you have to find some genuine online paying survey sites and register a free account using your Gmail ID.

The next process is so important because it determines your eligibility whenever a new survey offer comes in.

You have to complete your profile surveys that include your personal, professional, academic, occupation, travel, family, passion, etc.

That’s it, your registration process is over now. Just keep watching your email inbox for the new survey email invitations.

Recommended Sites by Easy Online Home Jobs

1.1. Clixsense: The world’s so far best genuine paying site is currently offering to pay surveys to their members.

Registration is free and easy. Login to your member dashboard and complete the 22 questions to become eligible for online surveys.

Register Clixsense here.

1.2. Worthy Shout: A perfect gift, especially for Indian people, was, “Worthy Shout Research Services”.

Do your registration and complete your profile surveys to receive email invitations for new surveys.

They pay via PayPal when you reached a minimum of $10 or sometimes pay gift vouchers.

Register Worthy Shout here.

2. Use Swagbucks to Earn Small Cash Daily

Swagbucks is an online rewarding community that lets people earn additional money by doing what they love.

There are huge varieties of rewards available on their online platform such as online surveys, watching videos, playing games, daily polls, etc.

It is a fantastic destination for people who search for opportunities to make money online.

How to Start? You can easily become a member of Swagbucks just by completing a simple registration process which is free of course.

Sign up through this link to earn a $5 signup bonus instantly in your account. There are nearly 15 ways from Swag Bucks.

Login every 24hrs once and attend an online poll to earn 1 Swag Point. Similarly, use their search engine to earn additional points.

If you want to earn more, you can find offers on online shopping, attending surveys, and watching videos.

You can convert 750 Swag Points to $5 real cash and redeem via PayPal payment processor or you can choose as gift vouchers.

3. Start a Blog for a Passive Income

We should all thank the Internet because it provides plenty of ways to make extra money from home.

In fact, you can earn from the comfort of your home while watching TV, spending time with your family members, etc.

Among the many different ways, Blogging is the most lucrative profitable online money-making method so far unbeatable.

Starting a blog is a very simple process and might take only a few minutes of your valuable time.

If you are ready to put in your efforts in writing quality articles and delivering valuable resources to the community, then you can easily make money.

To get started, you need some tools like an own domain name, paid web hosting, a premium Word Press theme, and blogging knowledge.

Read this article that teaches you the step-by-step procedures in registering a blog and make it all set to launch.

Start writing articles and publish them on your blog at an even frequent interval. Perform some SEO tasks to drive potential traffic to the blog.

Don’t worry, there are many different ways to monetize your blog to generate revenue every day.

  1. One such program is the Google Ad Sense, where you can make extra money when your blog visitors click an ad.
  2. Once your blog starts receiving a decent volume of traffic, for example, say 500 visitors every day, then apply for Google Ad-sense.
  3. They will review your application and your site and once approved, you copy their HTML AD Code and paste on your blog.
  4. They will take care of all the process such as displaying ads and pay you 68% of the total revenue generated every day.

4. Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

amazon affiliate

The Affiliate marketing business is another most profitable business for many people and can be easily done from home.

There are virtually no start-up investments and also there is no need to own products or services to sell.

Even though, there is no need to rent a shop and stock your inventories before selling into the market.

A perfect definition: This is a performance-based business model where you can earn money as a commission for selling someone else’s product or services.

You can work based on your own working hours, and choose your own working place even from your home or any other places.

There are opportunities to make more than $1000 every month if you have a true passion and interest to learn new things.

How to Start? First, there is no need for any professional skills, all you want is to know the tricks of selling a product by convincing the customer.

Now, register a blog to promote products because as already said, there is no need to build any physical store and all.

There are so many high-paying affiliate programs are available on the Internet, so you find the right program to begin.

I recommend Amazon Affiliate Program and Easy Online Home Jobs were monetized using the same program.

If you want to create a similar affiliate blog, then reach me here.

1. Find the right affiliate products based on your passion and interest. Then, copy the affiliate URL and paste them into your blog.

2. Start writing articles about the product and publish them on your blog. Write review articles, testimonials articles, experience sharing articles, etc.

3. Drive people to visit your blog and if someone purchased any items that you recommend, you will earn a commission.

The affiliate commission may vary with the type of product and the merchant. The normal commission will be 10% to 6% of the product selling value.

5. Sell your Services on Fiverr

Fiverr is the best marketplace where buyers meet sellers to perform a certain task for their particular project or the long term.

This is a kind of freelance work where you can list your services starting from $5. Each service is called a Gig, technically.

Register a free account with Fiverr and place as many Gigs as possible you can able to give the best service.

If you have any kind of skill or you deserve you have the talent to perform the task, then you can list them on Fiverr.

There are huge opportunities for various works such as designers, developers, digital marketers, social media managers, content writers etc.

There are more services available such as video making, creating animations, programming, business services, consultancy services, and much more.

Fiverr is the best online platform for those who want to make extra money from home especially college students can make the most out of it.

6. Work as a Freelancer

A freelancer is a kind of self-employed person who offers services to various businesses and multiple clients at a time.

In freelancing, one can find nearly all types of services needed including designing, developing, marketing, advertising, and technical assistance, etc.

This is suitable for people who wish they don’t want to work for someone and like to set their own working hours.

The recommended freelancing sites to register a free account today were:

  • Upwork
  • Elance
  • Freelancer
  • Craigslist
  • 99designs
  • Peopleperhour

There are many other freelance platforms available in different countries and I have listed a few sites.

7. Become an Online Virtual Assistant


Do you have managing skills? Are you a responsible person to arrange and organize any events at your home or office or college?

Then, you can utilize your skill to become a virtual assistant working from home.

Virtual assistants are the people who perform various administrative tasks for a company by working from their homes.

If you have strong communication skills with a computer and an active Internet connection, you can easily start this home job.

The recommended sites to register for virtual assistant jobs were:

  • Odesk
  • Elance
  • Freelancer
  • Peopleperhour

How much can I earn? Depending on the services you offer and the company you chose, your experience determines your earning potential.
Normally a virtual assistant can earn anywhere from $10 – $100 per hour.

8. Become an Online Tutor

The advancement in the Internet has changed the classrooms and the digitalization of education has changed a lot.

This method of making extra money from home is suitable for teachers, professors, and those who know to teach others.

Many sites have emerged to offer online tutoring services to the students thus created a new trend in the teaching profession.

Register a free account with TutorMe, I Tutor, Vedantu and complete the mock interview to get listed on their classified page.

This way of teaching has let students choose their flexible hours to learn thus making them more creative.

A qualified and on-demand online tutor can earn up to Rs. 1000 per hour depending on the subject and expertise.

This is the best opportunity if you are looking to make extra money from home by spending your free time usefully.

9. Content Writer


The internet has modified many traditional businesses to mark their online presence through a website.

Hence this trend has simultaneously increased the demand for content writers who are specialized to write on any niche.

If you have strong communication skills and a good command of English, then you can find the best content writing jobs from home.

This is perfectly suitable for college students, educated housewives, and those who wish to spend their free time usefully.

How to get a job? You can register as a freelance content writer with the freelancing sites else offer a gig on Fiverr.

A normal content writer can earn up to Rs. 1000 per 500-word article. You can write about anything and in any niche.

You can do this work from your home or any other place.

10. Sell Photography

sell photos online

Similar to the content writers, there is some huge hidden potential for quality photographers.

Since the rise of the online market, 1000s of new websites and blogs were launching every single day.

All these websites badly need content to market their product or service and at the same time, an image speaks more than 1000 words.

Many website owners, bloggers, publishers, and video makers require quality photos to promote their digital content.

The greatest part is that you don’t need to be a professional photographer and use high-end digital cameras etc.

If you have the skill to take quality photos from your smartphone is enough to make extra money from home.

Along with it, a little knowledge of photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop helps you create a better quality photo.

Once done you can sell on Shutterstock, ISTockphotos, DepositPhotos, etc.

You can earn a minimum of $1 to $10 per High Definition photo of various sizes and usually, you will get pay through PayPal.


Thank you so much for spending your valuable time reading this post. I have listed a few possible opportunities that truly working today.

The different types of jobs catered in this article may fit anyone based on their skills, interest, and lifestyle.

This information on this page is just a reflection of my thoughts and the main reason was to let people know the opportunities easily.

The success will reach you only if you take any action and do some work by putting effort unless it’s just an opportunity.

I have seen many people who asked, “how can I make money online?” or “how can I earn more money every day?” were just spectators still searching.

Be a participant and the action taker.

The ideas I have given here will not make you rich overnight, it will take some time to make extra money from home.

All the best and if you find this post useful, share a word in your social network.


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