Learn, How to Promote Affiliate Products on your blog?

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money if you learn to promote affiliate products?

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Today I am going to discuss Promote Affiliate Products because in the last article we have discussed the common mistakes did my many newbie affiliate marketers.

Ok fine, you have learned the mistakes and not making any in your career, but now you should know how to market a product through your blog (or) without a blog.

As you know, Affiliate Marketing is a model who can earn money by promoting other merchant’s product (or) services on behalf of them. They will be paid a commission on every successful sale (or) lead.

It is a great way to make money online from the internet and you can easily become rich when you put true efforts and smart work.

Ok fine, now let’s get into the discussion of various strategies to be worked out to promote affiliate products to get huge sales and commission.

These ideas will gonna refresh you surely and give you some working plans that can be implemented immediately.

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Start a Blog:

This is the first step when you start Affiliate Marketing Business. Yes, it’s all about marketing a product (or) service to the people.

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Whenever do you ask for the most successful affiliate marketers about their success?

Most answers were, “Starting a blog”.

This is the finest way to travel safely in your career because your one-time work will yield revenue for a long term.

Even though you can make money with affiliate marketing without a blog, but this will give success only to those people who have created their brand.

EasyOnlineHomeJobs, helps you create your own affiliate marketing blog if you think starting this business will be a successful one.


Finding the products:

This is the next step in this business. You need products to promote on your blog. The process involves,

i.) Find a right niche

ii.) Understanding your audiences

iii.) Finding the right program

iv.) Choosing the products

v.) Installing Affiliate tracking code

vi.) Promoting blog to drive traffic.

Learn further in this article, how to choose the right product for your Affiliate Marketing Business?


Promote Affiliate Products Tips:

When you found the right product for your affiliate marketing promotion, it’s time to know the different promotional strategies of the affiliate products.

You can easily become an affiliate for any program but to become a successful affiliate marketer, you should have some special skills that you gain from experience and experiments.

There are lots of ways to promote affiliate products and further we will discuss this in detail.


1.) Write a Review Post:

It’s the best way to promote affiliate products. When a visitor intends to buy a product (or) service, they do search for the same.

Also, they won’t buy the product (or) services at their first visit to the sales page. They will do a lot of research about the product they are willing to buy.

Everyone wants to buy a genuine product and they will conclude it after a long research about the product.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you should understand this mentality. Review writing is the best solution to use this methodology effectively.

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2.) How to write review article?

This is the next question absolutely you have in your mind. This is easy when you understood how?

The review post will be in the following style:

First, it gives a brief introduction to the product (or) service and the merchant.

Second, explain the working of the product.

Finally, write a review about the product learned from your own experience (or) your colleagues’ experience.

An honest review of the usage of the product will get more conversion than just a product advertising review.


3.) What to write to promote affiliate products?

Article writing is an art. A Quality content is the king.

How to write an evergreen article that brings you traffic for a very long time and thus gets you repeating conversions for your affiliate products.

Let’s see this as an example, You are going to write an article about a WordPress theme that is best suitable for Affiliate Programs.

In this post, you should be mentioned the required tools, that is, WordPress Theme.

Use the affiliate link to recommend the best theme for affiliate programs from the WordPress Theme Seller with whom you are associated with.

Write a detailed review about the purpose of the theme, how to install and setup? and how to optimize to start the business?

This way your reader can be taken to your affiliate landing page where they can come to buy the theme you recommend.

Important points:

Do not recommend only one seller, because some people can’t afford their cost.

If you promote only one seller, it silently meant that it’s just an Affiliate Product Review post. But the main karma is Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes.

EasyOnlineHomeJobs, uses Thrive Themes, a truly conversion optimized word press themes to get more leads and sales. Their price starts from $69.99 for a single site.

Purchase a theme and then start your first affiliate marketing blog with THRIVE.


3.) Use different blog sections:

Each WordPress blog is sectioned as Header, Navigation, Article-container, Sidebar and footer. You can leverage this different section of the every page to promote affiliate products virally.

You can use banner ads, text link ads of an affiliate product and paste in your side bar widgets can increase your chances of conversions.

You can create an image of your own and customize your sidebar with appealing images also increases sales.

Use other sections such as Header, footer and place an banner ad.

Make sure the products you promote are related to your blog/website and also promote one best product that you (or) your friends tried.


4.) Write Deals posts:

These types of posts also can help you bring more conversions for your affiliate marketing campaign. There are many deals such as Seasonal sale, Black Friday Deals, Cyber Monday Deals, Amazon’s Great Indian sales etc.

Normally, several affiliate programs has a wide range of offers and deals during these periods. You can make use of these and write a comparison posts of different products and end with the best price chart.

This helps your visitor’s to get themselves to come up with a decision to buy the best products at cheaper prices.

A best example to promote such products are Hosting Deals, Apparels, SmartPhone’s, Laptops, Computers etc. are a great source to promote affiliate products.

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Other different ways to promote Affiliate Products:

6.) Write “How To (or) Tutorial Posts”:

A recent reports from Google indicates that, most searches from the world are circling around finding a solution for some queries.

Some of the best examples from my posts:

How to choose the right Affiliate Product for marketing?

How to start niche blogging to make more money in 2017

These types of articles can easily get more traffic and proportionately improve your conversions.

Also, you can write a post whenever you figured out something that you really did well. Share it with your readers with your affiliate links and this may help you out to get more sales.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) (or) Tutorial types of the post also do good to promote affiliate products. For example, EasyOnlineHomeJobs uses Thrive FocusBlog Theme to power this blog.

So, the article about How to use FocusBlog Theme to for your Affiliate Marketing Blog? type of post can encourage users to buy the theme because the posts answer all their queries.


7.) Write “Where To” Posts:

In this type of article, let’s take the same example, “WordPress Hosting”. There are several hosting companies in the market and some of them are GoDaddy, BlueHost, Kinsta, Hostgator are the major hosting resellers.

So, you can write a post on the title, “Best Hosting Providers”, to let your visitor’s choose the best hosting services for their blog needs.

This will save them time and also you will get more conversions because as said earlier in this article, people use to compare products before making any purchase decision.

Actionable task:

Write “Where To” type of posts in your blog about the product.

8.) Create Blogging Tools Post:

You can create a static page on your blog that lists all the affiliate links of your blogging tools like WordPress Themes, Plugins, SEO Tools etc.

This helps your blog audience to buy the same because they are watching you for a long-time of your blogging.

This thing itself drive them to purchase the list of tools you have. Also, if there are any coupons available for the products, ofcourse you can add it.


9.) Create Call-to-Action Button:

In the end of the blog post, create a large button leading to your affiliate lead page. This ensures your blog reader’s attention thus giving you some sales.

You can either promote the product you have mentioned in the article (or) offer a complimentary product to take them further.


10.) Create an Email Campaign:

It’s a important to-do action to become a successful affiliate marketer.  Collecting your visitor’s email id’s through subscription form is a great way of communicating with your blog audiences.

You can send them an offer email (or) periodic newsletter’s about the deals and new product launch etc.

This helps you stay in touch with your blog audience and develop a bond between you and them. When you created a strong bond between both of you, your future sales can be pretty easier.


Last few thoughts,

Your primary goal is to convert every visitors of your blog into buyer (or) returning customer, which is the secret of the success in affiliate marketing business.

Understanding audiences and write posts let them to make their own decision will be the first intension of your affiliate content.

When you are able to provide them a solution, surely you can bring a sale. Learn it, work it and all the best.

So far, I have shared my findings on different strategies to promote affiliate products on your blog. I think this will help you in getting new ideas on your next blog post.

No one is an expert at the beginning of a new business, but they become an expert by learning and experimenting.

Help me through commenting your suggestions, feedback about this article below as this will create a better understanding and hel creating new ideas on Affiliate Marketing.

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