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About Devi- Admin and Founder of Easy Online Home Jobs

Hello Everyone,

I am Devi Maligai, from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. I have recently started my career as a full-time Blogger after being worked as a content writer for a company.

How I Started my Blogging Career?

I started my online career in 2018 after completing my UG Degree. During my last year, I came to hear about blogging. Because my seniors were earning a decent income from their blogs. Then I slowly learned about blogging, what the actual task is, and how people are making money.

Then, in my final semester, I started my first blog in the Blogspot sub-domain and started to write whatever that comes. Months were passing, but I have not earned a single penny.

I stopped blogging as I completed my final year.

Then, I went to search for a job. Joined a company as a content writer and then slowly gained knowledge.

Also, I do spend my extra time to learn Blogging. How to start and other stuff related to the blog?

Accidentally, I came to work on EasyOnlineHomeJobs as a content writer, and I have published a few articles. Now, I own this blog and became a full-time blogger.