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I am N. Harish Kumar from Tamilnadu, India. I have completed my in Information Technology in 2016.

As like as other college passed out students, I just went outside to search for many companies for a full-time job.

Almost over a year I have applied for many software companies and haven’t placed anywhere because of many different reasons.

Many companies rejected my resume and some companies asked to come for the direct interview.

After that, they use to say you will be notified via email once you were selected. But no more replies from them.

I was so much frustrated after seeing many falls and decline in applying for 9 – 5 Jobs.

Finally, in the late-middle of 2017 (after 1 year), I have planned to search for online jobs from home and I went into the online search.


Thousands of opportunities available, but where and How to Start?


Another Big Question Mark?

Finally, I found a great mentor who was a pioneer in the Blogging Industry and I had a chance to meet him in a while.

I just showed my blog which was looking unprofessional and asked him to assist me to build my blogging career.

Later, I went into learning the Blogging System based on his guidance and started to observe my mistakes.

The main mistake is that “I have started with Free Themes which doesn’t have any customization and features for the proper business“.

He thought me the procedures and I have invested some money to buy a premium theme and hosting to restart my blog.

After a few months of a gap, I have finally restarted my blog by the end of 2017 and learned myself to restart my career.


Achievements in 2018:

Slowly learned blogging process and wrote few pieces of literature whenever I learned through the internet.

My information have attracted a bunch of volume of audiences and slowly I have started to Make Money from this Blog.

Now this blog giving me enough money to manage my life. I learned a lot from the articles of existing bloggers in this field and I want to mention some of them who are Harsh Agarwal, Neil Patel.

Really I am fond of reading their blog on every update.

I thought why shouldn’t we become like them, with the guide from my Guru and learned knowledge from those blogs I am running this blog very successfully.


About Easy Online Home Jobs?

While during my earlier stages, I started this blog to write my views and thoughts towards online jobs.

Also shared some of my experience’s, the internet has taught me.

Later, every industry evolves on a specific subject and it applies to me too. I focused on the Affiliate Marketing Industry completely.

It is the only online industry that gives you passive income over time if you have a clear plan of action.


What do you get?

In my Blog, I support you right from the beginning of starting a make money blog with Affiliate Marketing.

You can contact me later after reading some posts on my blog.

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