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10 Best Online Survey Sites To Earn Some Extra Cash

Written by Devi and Updated on September 3, 2021  0 Comments ]

You may have heard about online survey sites all over the Internet, and people say that they are making a decent regular income.

Yes, many people across the world are generating some decent money by working in online survey jobs.

So, let’s break through the hidden potential in this earning platform and how you can involve yourself in this online earning?

I am not going to show you the way to become rich, but you can earn some decent revenue over time.

Let’s say it is pocket money that you can use to cover your internet bills, phone bills, or any small expenses.

Online Survey Sites

Nothing you are going to lose or invest any money to register an account with survey portals. Also, you are going to spend your free time making some extra cash.

Doing surveys online will not make you rich, but surely you can earn some money. If you have an internet connection with a desktop computer or a laptop is the primary requirement.

Then, flexible timings and an email account to watch out for an email invitation to attend the surveys.

Once you get an invitation through email, open the link in the email to complete pre-screening questions. After successful completion, you will be allowed to enter the main survey engine.

Answer the questions genuinely, and upon successful completion, you will get rewarded with either cash or gift vouchers.

That’s all about online surveys. So in this article, let me walk through a piece of detailed information about online surveys, how it works? How you can join these portals to earn money and more. Come on!

How Do Online Surveys Work?

As I said, many people are already taking surveys in their free time and making a good volume of cash. Hence, it seems to be too-good-to-be-true online opportunities suitable for all people.

But Why?

  • The manufacturing companies and big corporates in the service sector need to know what their consumer think?
  • They also want to understand the current market in a better way.
  • So, to get to know all these, online surveys are quick, easy, and cheapest way to collect such large amounts of data from the public.
  • But those companies will not be directly involved in this process. But they will sign a contract with the survey companies.

These survey companies already have a big database of people from different categories across the world. All these members (including me and you) are ready to take surveys.

So, when any new survey contract comes in, these surveys portals runs a series of screening process to filter the suitable profile to attend the surveys.

Hence completing a highly qualifying Profile Survey is the most prime thing in getting success. If your profile doesn’t pass the screening process, you will not get an email invitation.

Also, make sure to update your profile surveys frequently to get more chances of survey invitation emails.

Register with Online Survey Sites

When you search Google, many survey companies are there. And you need to register an account at each site to get surveys.

No genuine survey companies will ask money to add you as their member. Complete the simple registration process along with the profile surveys.

It is essential to consider your profile for doing surveys. For example, a survey about Samsung smartphones probably wants to target Samsung users.

But in your profile, if you did not select Samsung, you will not be picked up for the survey.

Check Email Invitations

After your registration, the survey companies invite you to participate in the survey by sending you an invitation email.

Keep watching your email inbox regularly so that you will not miss any survey invitation emails. The length of the survey and the rewards are clearly written in the email.

So learn before attending the survey. Some surveys usually ask a few questions that will last from 1 minute to 30 minutes or even longer.

The longer the survey, the more the rewards. Some surveys will ask you to try a product or service and then answer it. So it depends on the company.

That’s all the complete process. Find a genuine survey portal > register a free account > complete profile surveys > wait for email invitation > attend the survey > get paid.

How Much Can I Make from Surveys?

Possibly the next important question from everyone is how much will I earn when I complete a survey online? Well, it depends.

You can earn from $0.01 to $10 or even $50 per survey (but that’s rare). But, accumulating some extra pennies from every survey you complete can become big money during the month-end.

You can use this money to pay your bills or for any other expenses. Even you can save this money for your future. Some people are mostly doing surveys to pay off their debts like loans and credit cards.

Some surveys offer gift vouchers which you can use for online shopping on Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, etc. The pay per survey varies from company to company.

However, you can earn up to $500 per month, if you have joined several survey sites online.

Some surveys that ask some personal questions like your date of birth, medical history, fitness condition, etc will pay more. In the end, you will earn money when answering these questions genuinely.

1. Swagbucks

It is one of the popular online survey sites, but something more than that. Because there are numerous ways to earn from Swagbucks apart from taking surveys.

Registration is free as people from any part of the world can become a member. You can earn from daily polls, trying offers, completing micro-tasks, doing online surveys, and more.

Swagbucks provides a chrome extension that lets you earn rewards whenever you browse something on the Internet.

When you become a Swagbucks member, you will discover multiple online survey opportunities. Each survey will pay you around $1 to $10.

Sometimes, Swagbucks will send you to third-party survey sites. All your daily activities with this site will earn your SwagPoints.

It is a universal point system that can be redeemed in various ways. For example, you can redeem 800 SwagPoints for $5 Paypal cash or as Gift Vouchers.

2. Toluna

Toluna is another well-known online survey portal, but it is slightly different from other companies.

The Toluna allows its users to pick the survey categories like electronics, travel, education based on their own interests.

So, if you are tech-savvy, you can select surveys that cover digital products, electronics gadgets, etc.

Register a free account and answer their daily surveys during your free time. The more surveys you complete daily increase your earnings.

This survey company pays less, and a survey will take more than 25 minutes to complete. Also, you will get rewards as points. You can convert 3000 points into USD 1 and redeem via Paypal.

3. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is one of the popular survey sites that is known for its intuitive design. Their easy-to-use dashboard with no-frills makes it straightforward for their members to navigate.

There are always surveys are available on this website. So as a registered member, you can start taking any surveys based on your choice.

Before attending surveys, all their members need to complete small pre-screening questions. This survey company also compensates its members with points.

You can later redeem these points in cash via PayPal or gift vouchers. Also, it’s possible to cash in for Gift Cards that you can share with others.

On average, you can earn $0.05 to $5 per survey when you successfully complete it.

4. CashCrate

Most of the survey companies are rewarding their members with points. But the Cash Crate stands unique in disclosing the actual monetary value of the surveys.

Like Swagbucks, CashCare is not only offering surveys, but it allows its users to discover various online opportunities.

They have partnered with other top brands on the Internet that let their members earn some extra cash during their free time.

Cash Crate was actually started in the year of 2006 to offer a genuine online earning platform to the public across the world.

You can earn a $1 bonus for confirming your email address. The online surveys available here range from $0.5 to $2.

Lengthy surveys often pay more. However, you can cash out when you have earned $20 via PayPal.

5. Inbox Dollars

Inception in the year 2000 and has paid nearly 65 million dollars to people around the world. It is one of the premium online survey portals that let its members earn money from surveys.

Apart from surveys, they also provide other ways such as watching videos, playing games, online polling, etc. You can also refer other people to earn a lifetime affiliate commission.

You will get instant $5 signup bonuses after completing a simple registration process. After this process, complete your profile surveys to become eligible for attending online surveys.

Each survey ranges between $0.25 to $2, and it will take 10 – 15 minutes usually to complete one survey.

You can request a payout once you have reached the $30 earnings mark. You can cash out via ECheck, Gift Cards (Gift Vouchers), PayPal.

6. Vindale Research

The caption of this company is “Get Paid to Take Surveys” launched in 2005. In their early days, they allow people to earn money by signing up for free trials of various products or services.

Then you need to provide feedback. Later they have turned out to be a typical online survey panel allowing people to participate in their surveys.

You can register a free account and complete a small paid survey tutorial to become eligible for surveys.

Apart from online surveys, Vindale Research also provides more opportunities like voting polls, watching videos, and reviewing products.

All these tasks will add money to your account. Once you have reached a minimum of $10, you can request your payout via PayPal or Cheque Payment. This company is trusted by people from different regions.

7. Prize Rebel

Founded in the year 2007 has paid billion dollars to its members. This site allows its members to earn points that are worth about $0.01 per point.

You can register a free account and start to earn points by completing online surveys, paid offers, small tasks, watching videos, etc.

They have a great referral system that lets you earn a 20% referral commission. PrizeRebel sometimes runs contests and other drawings which can be used to increase your earnings.

If you need cash, join PrizeRebel today and earn from surveys. You can cash out once you have reached $25 in your account.

It means you can convert points to cash prizes, gift cards, and gift vouchers. Members from across the world are allowed to register and complete online surveys for cash.

8. LifePoints

Lifepoints ErstWhile MySurvey is one of the leading digital platforms that lets you earn points for surveys. Register as a free member and get ready to take online surveys.

Here, it is something unique, that they ask you to experience a particular product or test a product at your home.

You, then need to share your feedback, thus tracking your experiences. It is one of the high-paying survey companies.

For example, one survey offers 2,400 LifePoints that equals a $24 PayPal payment.

Some surveys will offer fewer LifePoints, but however, you can accumulate and redeem lumpsum money by the end of the month.

Convert 1000 LifePoints for $10 and redeem as PayPal cash, Amazon Gift Card, etc.

9. Survey Junkie

This company is one of the popular online community with more than 11 million members are ready to give their opinions.

Survey Junkie is not just a typical online survey platform as it enables users to earn as an influencer.

This company is specialized in contracting with consumer goods, but sometimes, you may receive surveys in other industries.

Industries like travel, technology, IT, or even finance sectors. Registration is free, and all their users must have to complete profile surveys to become eligible for taking surveys.

You can earn anywhere between $0.20 to $5 per survey, and each survey last a maximum of 30 minutes. Shorter surveys mean less money.

You can earn an instant signup bonus, referral commission as well. The minimum cashout is 1000 points, which you can convert to $10 and redeem via PayPal, Amazon Gift cards, etc.

10. i-Say

If you have free time to share your opinions, reviews, then i-say is your wise choice. Become a free member of this portal and start taking online surveys to get attractive rewards and bonuses.

i-Say is a direct survey provider through Ipsos, a Global Test Market Research company. One of the interesting parts is that this survey company sometimes asks the same questions again.

This method is to confirm that you are aware of doing surveys and all your answers are the same. So be careful next time when you attend surveys from i-Say.

They reward you with points, and you can redeem them as Gift cards (1point = 1cent) or PayPal cash (1point = 0.98 cents).

You can cash out when you earn a minimum of 500 points in your account. i-Say is a genuine survey aggregator among the other survey companies available online.

How to Increase Your Earnings from Surveys?

Online surveys are a genuine way to earn money online for most people. But, to make some extra money, you need to take up all the opportunities available to maximize your profits.

Join as many survey sites as possible

Surveys are genuine, and they seek real people to post their opinions. So, if your profile is not suitable for the company, you will not receive the email invitation.

Set Separate Time

Surveys are a side-gig, and probably you cannot spend a whole day earning just pennies. So, set a preferred work time every day for surveys.

For example, set one hour per day. Attend as many surveys as possible. Once the time is up, you are done for the day. Now, find other tasks to earn more.

Avoid Disqualifying

Some surveys may disqualify them halfway through the survey. So, to avoid this, carefully select the surveys that match your profile. Some sites allow people to choose the survey categories. This process can increase your earnings.

Create Separate Email

All survey sites will send you an email invitation if your profile is eligible. So, create a separate email id to ensure that you don’t miss a single invitation email. You can save your time and sanity.

Update your Profile Surveys

Your profile surveys will determine your eligibility during the pre-screening process. So, keep your profile survey updated with your latest information to increase your survey eligibility.

Do More Surveys Every Day

Just joining more survey companies isn’t enough to earn from surveys. Login daily and attend all available surveys in your dashboard to earn more from surveys.

Keep Practicing Regularly

Many people join survey sites and do one or two surveys for the first few days. Later they quit or very rarely log in. Allocate a small time slot every day and make it a habit of doing surveys daily to maximize your earnings.

Check Emails Daily

Apart from creating a separate email, create a habit of checking your email inbox multiple times a day for invitation emails. We all are using smartphones, so add that email id in your smartphone application.

Attend Surveys Early

Every survey opportunity has a desired limit of responses. For example, the Samsung Phone Survey requires 1,00,000 responses. But the survey company may send more than 10millions invitation emails. So, grab your opportunity early and quickly to be one of the 1,00,000 respondents.

Spend Enough Time

Many people are tempted to fill the multiple surveys in a rush. If you are completing the surveys very quickly, they have a system to assume genuine answers. You will get caught and disqualified halfway. So spend enough time to answer all questions genuinely and from your heart.


Last but not least, online surveys are a genuine opportunity for all people to earn some extra money in their free time. If you are ready to share your opinions, you will get rewards.

Many market research companies are regularly recruiting new members who are ready to share their opinions for money.

Taking online surveys can be beneficial, and one of the most rewarding ways without putting much effort.

But be careful as some survey sites aren’t legit and never pay. So do a complete google search, read other reviews and testimonials before joining the site.

In this article, I have collected a few genuine paying online survey sites so that you can start to make money online.

You cannot become rich, but of course, you can make some decent income monthly if you are regular in doing surveys.


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