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10 Best Social Media Management Tools for Your Business

Written by Devi and Updated on August 24, 2022  0 Comments ]

We will study various Social Media Management Tools and their uses in this article.

What are Social Media Management Tools? and the business why needs them so important? lots of questions arrive in our minds.

Many of us thought that business is a different criterion and social media is another criterion of how it will help for my business.

A successful business solely depends on the members and customer engagement is the stepping stone for revenue generation.

In the modern era, multiple competitors and businesses are standing in the market. So, the smart way of reaching your right customer is crucial.

At the time, Social media is the perfect outlet, if you place your business here – the business can be seen by the masses.

It is a simple strategy. To find the right clients, the business directly places them on social media to get noticed.

The mere business placing is not a helpful one for business promotion. So, social media tools are indispensable helpers to boost your business sales.

Social Media Management Tools

Social media tools and their trends are increasing day by day. Finding the latest technology and implementing them will help expand your business.

Reaching more means more customer engagement. So, try to start using the tools and improve the business in the long run and for great success.

Do you gear up to engage your business on social media by using the multiple social media management tools that are available in the market?

To know them just stay in this article we will list out the best and latest tools and use them for your business longevity.

Why Social Media Management Tools are Important?

Today, 3.81 billion people are using social media and are often active in these groups to explore new things and socialization.

That’s why the buzz of social media is hype, hype, and ever-hype. Importing business in social media is an easy choice for all.

Whether it is a small or a well-developed business, if the product or service impresses the customer then there is no boundary for winning.

Compared to direct selling, social media is an easy and simple method to reach your audience. It acts as a right-spoken person to your business to get its reach around the world.

Just take a snap and post the products on the social groups with your prize. This is enough otherwise, the social media management tools will do all.

Moreover, our friends and family suggest the best products and services where they wander on social media.

Before choosing the product we can easily cross-check the price, quality, how to use it with testimonial guidelines, and so on

Suppose, if the product fails to fulfill the promises you can directly give your feedback, an opinion that directly reaches the seller.

So, many people are active in online shopping and social media, and immediate responses and remedies are expectable within an instance.

Window shopping is the most preferred choice today. It saves your time and just a simple click will finish your shopping.

An advantage of AI tool usage is reducing human efforts. Moreover, the handling of social media is too easy.

Nowadays automated social media postings and cover posts are minimized by the social media managing task.

10 Best Social Media Management Tools

Which are the best social media management tools, how to use the tools in the best way and the price of the tools is confusing?

The user-friendly interface and simple but keen analytics are the best features that lead to the implementation of these social media marketing tools.

For the smart improvisation of your business, the platform of social media is the necessary option. If you ignore it, certainly, it is a major mistake.

Hereby I enlist the handpick and ready to use social media tools for your online business promotion.

1. Hoot Suite – Best Tool to Manage Instagram, Twitter

Whenever searching for the best social media management tools, you can find Hoot Suite as the first on the list.

If the entrepreneur wants to promote his business on social media with the help of campaigns then Hootsuite is one of the best choices.

The handling of this social media tool is too simple. The user-friendly dashboard allows you to see the performances of your marketing.

Like scheduling the messages, tracking the conversations, and social media activities, and more importantly, managing the multiple profiles.

24/7 social media presence and automatically scheduling social media posts are the advantages of the Hoot Suite social media tool.


  1. Managing all social media posts with a single tool possible while choosing the social media tool Hootsuite.
  2. Pre-approved and posted contents are stored in your cloud file. So, tagging and searching the files are very simple.
  3. The measurement of a social media campaign with comprehensive reports, ROI, and paid media are easy to separate.
  4. Scheduling, monitoring, tracking performance reports, and task management are automatic.
  5. You can find, and filter the social media conversation with your keyword, location, and hashtag in multiple languages.

Price and Plan Details: 

For social media promotion, there are four plans are available on Hoot Suite.

  • Professional- $29 (Per Month)
  • Team- $129
  • Business- $599
  • Enterprise- Customize the plan

2. Commun .it – Twitter Management Tool

First of all, Commun.it is used to monitor various Twitter account for social media marketing purpose.

Except for Twitter, other social media accounts like Facebook, and Instagram can also connect with this social media managing tool.

But it is the best and most versatile tool to monitor Twitter than other social media accounts by finding good content with a simple search using hashtags.

The management of the single dashboard offers actionable information such as who is followed to whom to unfollow.

It is a user-friendly interface while maintaining your Twitter account for marketing purpose but handling too many account need tutorial help.

It is a proven powerful tool for $139 you can get 84K within a month of a period which offers tutorials and training sessions for easy access.

Commun .it Highlights

  1. All business conversations come under one inbox
  2. In social media, you can easily filter your followers to get more leads
  3. Sharing good and top curated content and tweets is very easy.
  4. Traffic measurement by people browsing and planning for the best schedule is possible.
  5. Robust and downloadable analytical reports are the special feature of this tool.

Price and Plan Details

Four basic plans are offered by common. it

  • Free: Manage 1 Twitter profile
  • Pro: $19.99 per month to manage 2 social profiles
  • Business: $24.99 per month to manage 6 social profiles
  • Corporate: $117.99 per month to manage 12 social profiles

3. Tailwind – Best for Pinterest and Instagram Schedule Posts

Tailwind is one of the popular online marketing tools offering effective tools and analysis for its clients and users.

If are you ready to promote your business, especially on Instagram and Pinterest, then Tailwind is the only fixed option.

Tailwind is the official Instagram partner so, your account safety is unshakable, and free trials are also available to use this tool.

The unlimited posting of posts on Instagram starts from the basic plan of $ 9.99 per month, and customized plans are also available.

To get a smart insight into your business development and its growth you can schedule a variety of content to boost your social media engagement.

Tailwind Highlights

  1. Tailwind browser extension in chrome makes the easy to schedule as per the number of posts.
  2. This browser extension allows the user to schedule pins from any website.
  3. However, the shuffle feature of a pin helps to reschedule the pins without any more confusion.
  4. Interval schedules and board lists are the helping features that help to pin the new blogs and posts.
  5. The smart feed list out various pins based on the user’s previously liked pins and the user can save them.

Price and Plan Details

There are four plans available in this social media managing tool

  • Free: Manage 1 Insta and Pinterest Profile – Post limit 10 per month
  • Pro: $9.99 per month to manage 1 social profile – Post limit 100 per month
  • Advanced: $19.99 per month to manage 2 social profiles – Post limit 1000 per month
  • Max: $39.99 per month to manage 3 social profiles – Post limit Unlimited per month

4. Buffer – A Common Platform Marketing Tool

Getting more social media traffic for your blog is possible when using the right and suitable tool. For this search on the internet, primarily you can find Buffer.

Adding specific time management for blog posts is the latest user-friendly option while handling this Buffer social media tool.

Both free trial versions and paid versions are also available while using this simple, user-friendly tool.

Whether it is a photo post or a written article. So, the effortless sharing of posts and content is easily getting its peak with the basic plan of $5.

Pro plan software is also available with the pro features too. Multiple social media channel engagement with a single dashboard is the plus of this software tool.

Buffer Highlights

By using the buffer social media tool, the user can visually plan and schedule the social media campaigns.

Besides content quality measurement, reports, and the overall performance are all made in this Buffer social media tool.

In recent trends, Instagram is one of the leading social platforms, and buffer social media tools also fetch results on it.

Hashtag planning, Instagram tagging, tracking performance of the posts, and multiple URL view opt with this buffer social media tool.

Plan and schedule the Instagram stories with web and mobile are examples of its user-friendly interface.

Price and Plan Details

There are two plans available

  • Free (forever) – 3 Social Media Channels
  • Essentials: $5 per month Unlimited Channels

5. SEMRush – Best SEO Tool Including Social Media Management

SEM Rush is one of the social media marketing tools that suits all the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google my business.

A diverse section of social publishing, bookmarking, advertising, and getting analytics are all available with this single software tool.

Image edition and scheduling time for the posts are possible with this user-friendly tool. Free-to-pro plans cost $ 0 to $ 449 monthly plans are also available.

The extended & customized services are also applicable, and you can pay as per your need. It is superb to manage all social platforms.

Many business people recommend this software tool for the good growth of the business through several social media.

Semrush Highlights

  1. Pre-scheduling is the main advantage of this tool. The posts can be saved as a draft.
  2. Image editor, Url shortener, and UTM builder are available in this tool.
  3. Adding RSS feed for blogs and sharing the feed completes with a single click.
  4. Chrome extension, Scheduling retweets are too easy for work completion.
  5. It suits the cross networks and post publishing is simple with content curation.

Price and Plans

  • Pro: $119.95 per month
  • Guru: $229.95 per month
  • Business: $449.95 per month

6. Social Pilot – Common Platform for Social Media

The social pilot is the only social media marketing tool that allows the users to try and handle the fourteen-day trial version.

Compared to the free trial versions, the premium versions are giving keen insight into social media promotion and its reach.

The monthly price costs $ 25 up to $ 83.33 with premium versions. If you are a small working team or large corporate, all can use this software for their better performance.

Flawless promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are complex free tasks while using this social management tool.

Custom branding, taking reports and analysis, and collaboration with other social media networks are the best and most user-friendly features of this software.

Social Pilot Highlights

  1. Publishing the posts is very simple. Even you can publish it by mobile.
  2. Browser extensions and web publications are also the best to publish on social media.
  3. Small businesses to enterprises all can use the tool with its special features.
  4. Customize use, team members’ collaboration and individual handling all can be set as per your need.
  5. While using this tool business branding is too easy and it can easily engage all social media platforms.

Price and Plan

  • Professional: $25.5 per month to manage 10 social accounts and 1 user
  • Small Team: $42.5 per month to manage 25 social accounts and 3 users
  • Studio: $85 per month to manage 50 social accounts and 5 users
  • Agency: $127.5 per month to manage 75 social accounts and 10 users

7. Sprout Social – All-in-one Social Management Tool

Sprout Social is one of the demanding social media managing tools used in various social mediums for business improvisation.

It is the paid software tool available from standard plans to advanced plans that is available at the costs of around $89 to $249.

This software integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Google, Pinterest, TripAdvisor, & YouTube.

Both image and text-based content can be posted using this tool. Image editions and content editions are also applicable.

So, it is a user-friendly tool for your social media promotion, that gives an expert analysis with AI. So, don’t forget to use it.

Sprout Social Highlights

  1. Maintaining many social media accounts of more than 25 is the best option.
  2. Bulk scheduling, URL shortener, and browser extension can use to post.
  3. Video posts, Canva integration, and multiple image posts are very supportive.
  4. Drafting the post and publishing them with a mobile app is making it too easy.
  5. Using the visual editor, GIF support is the plus of this social media managing tool.

Price and Plan

  • Standard: $89 per user per month to manage 5 social profiles
  • Professional: $149 per user per month to manage 10 social profiles
  • Advanced: $249 per user per month to manage 10 social profiles plus advanced features

8. Agora Pulse – Social Management Software

Agora Pulse is the demanding and most affordable cloud-based social media management tool available on the market.

It is one of the preferred social media management tools that starts from $99, but there are free versions available.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ad promotions, and interactions are flexible with this tool.

As a special feature of this tool, the competitor analysis is the plus that adds an advantage to using this tool for business promotion.

The consideration of the pros, AgoraPulse is a suitable software tool for both small and huge business developers.

Agora Pulse Highlights

  1. Unlimited post scheduling with UTM parameters.
  2. Competitor analysis with clear reports.
  3. Assigning the team task and easily accessing the workflow.
  4. Posting the posts and taking the reports through the mobile app.
  5. Chrome extension, bulk scheduling, and Queue Categories are easy ones.

Price and Plans

  • Free: 3 Social Profiles – 1 User
  • Pro: $99 per month – 10 Social Profiles – 2 Users
  • Premium: $199 per month – 25 Social Profiles – 4 Users
  • Enterprise: Custom price – 40+ Social Profiles – 8+ Users

9. Meed Edgar – Unique

When you are ready to launch your business in a new and shining way, Social media platforms are an ever-best choice.

Post scheduling, sharing, and reusing the already posted content are the exciting feature of this simple software tool.

Meed Edgar optimizing the posts on social media with the basic plan cost that costs around only $19 per month and the premium version up to $49 per month.

The social media scheduling tool that manages by the software is the noticing feature of this software.

Unlimited postings, maintaining multiple social media platforms, and trial versions are also available for a limited period of time.

So, it is one of the best software that can track more than 25 social media business accounts and give clear insights.

Meet Edgar Highlights

  • Automatic quote extraction or worthy quotes from your post or blogs.
  • The user can categorize a post and schedule it.
  • Both images, photos, and videos support your social media posts.
  • Chrome extension with unlimited post uploading.
  • Continuous posting as per the variation of the social medium.

Price and Plans

  • Edgar Lite: $19 per month to manage 3 social accounts
  • Edgar: $49 per month to manage 25 social accounts

10. Social Oomph

Finding solid and reliable software tools for social media promotion and getting the exact updates are the best features of this tool.

There are multiple plans, and pro versions are available to handle your business promotion through this software tool.

The basic plan of this tool starts from $15 per month, through which you can handle one social profile and one blog.

Automating your social media tasks with simple clicks and the huge development of social promotions are possible with this Social Oomph.

You can try the trial version for your Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, Twitter, and so on. Have you tried!!!

Social Oomph Highlights

  1. Individuals to large business units can adopt this tool.
  2. Planning the team tasks and approving and monitoring the work is very easy.
  3. Social posts, blog posts, and scheduling them are too easy.
  4. Keyword filtering from the RSS feed and posting control is a special one.
  5. Post tags and self-destruction of the posts are the easy handlings of this social media tool.

Price and Plans

  • Personal Suite: Free to manage one social profile
  • Advanced Suite: $15 per month with premium features
  • Professional Suite: $25 per month to manage 10 social profiles
  • Business Suite: $55 per month to manage 20 social profiles


The first and best quality social media marketing tool is the one that easily increases the traffic generation to your business.

Eventually, the social media campaign is the best way to promote and spend money in a useful way but it requires stable software.

The post-organization processes are the respective works that require more hard work. While using this software they become automatic.

Moreover, the hunt for social media management tools is certainly responsible work. So, try the trial version if it suits you or not.

The trendy business world building its career pulse with the help of the social medium to widespread its colors far away.

Social media is a current-changing platform. So, portraying your business with an additional innovative and trendy outlook easily build trust among your customer.

Social media management is a sensible work that easily impacts its result on the overall business promotion. So, make it as visible as you can.

Hereby I enlisted the excellent software tools which are the best and easy hand-picking tools. So, select one as per your budget.

Hope this article may relieve your doubts and ease your choice of finding the best social media management tools.


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