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Top 10 High Paying Affiliate Programs: Make Money in 2021

Written by Devi and Updated on May 4, 2021  4 Comments ]

Refer these Top Paying Affiliate Programs if you are just planning to start Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is a very large online industry and it is one of the best ways to make money online from blogging.

There are many ways to generate income from the blog, and the affiliate marketing one of the top and the best way to generate revenue from blogging.

Start your Affiliate Business by choosing any of these high paying affiliate programs to make your first online income.

One of the main reasons is that their commission structure is higher than other programs. Also, they don’t require any investment from your side.

Choosing the right affiliate network is a crucial part to become a successful affiliate marketer, because there are 1000s of programs out there in the market.

Really it sounds well!

But to become a successful affiliate marketer you need:

  • A high-quality product
  • High demand among customers
  • Right affiliate program.

Once you having all these requirements then you can start making money.

High Paying Affiliate Programs

Even I am too promoting affiliate products on my site based on my site visitors and does making some decent additional income every month.

You can read step by step guide to start affiliate marketing business right here.

Now, we can further continue to read the different successful high paying affiliate programs in 2021.

1. Interesting facts about Affiliate Marketing

An independent survey from Rakuten Affiliate Network has revealed that the affiliate marketing industry in the US has grown to $4.7 Billion in 2019. An expecting a growth rate of $6.8 Billion by the year 2021.

Courtesy: http://benguonline.com/high-paying-affiliate-programs — Thanks for this report.

Affiliate Business has to become the main-stream of businesses all over the world because of the fact that it occupies more than 70% of an individual income online through blogging.

Every online business was run into some form of affiliate program to enhance its sales in this competitive market.

If you have opted for any high paying affiliate programs then you will enter into that $6.8 Billion industry to make huge money online.

2. How to Choose the Right Affiliate Network?

There are thousands of programs available in the market offered by merchants. Some programs are large and reputable, some may have started a few months back.

A right high paying affiliate programs are the one that helps you to find the perfect product and offers to maximize your earning potential.

i.) Their state-of-the-art software must be built based on their affiliate user-friendliness, every product should be organized and filtered.

ii.) The Easy registration process provides detailed analytics, reports on sales and leads.

iii.) It should also have a reliable payment processing system, tools, and services.

iv.) It does not matter about the product or services you may promote, but the right and reliable system that should give you success.

3. Different Affiliate Programs

Actually, affiliate marketers can join their program for free but merchants usually have to pay a fee to participate in the network.

It may be a single time payment or often a recurring.

There are several payout models being used by affiliate network:

3.1. CPS (Cost per Sale)

It is also referred to as Pay per sale (PPS) and it is a low-risk, high-profit revenue sharing model being used by large merchants.

In this model, the affiliate marketer promoting a product should lead to purchase to get their commission.

This is a most loving model because merchants pay commissions only after the customer purchased the product and also payout commission percentages are so high.

3.2. CPA (Cost per action)

This model pays affiliate commission when there is a specific action is taken from the promoter side.

The common action includes clicks, impressions, form submission, sign-ups or opt-ins, etc.

As this does not involve any direct product selling, the payout percentages are far smaller than the cost per sale model.

After joining an affiliate network, log in to their dashboard and find products that having high paying affiliate programs inbuilt with them.

Selling a product that has a value of $20 to 500 people is far worse than selling $100 worth of product to 100 people keeping a 10% affiliate commission.

4. List of High Paying Affiliate Programs

4.1. CJ Affiliate

commission junction

It was formerly called Commission Junction, it performs based on the pay-per-performance program and it is the biggest program ever started since.

This program operates globally and has merchants from the world’s leading retailers and recognized sellers.

Few of my friends have tried CJ and attained success to a certain level.

I too tried CJ personally and become a fan after trying their powerful reporting tools, their multiple ad sizes which give you better control of offers you show.

They pay via Check, Direct Deposit once you reached the minimum of $100 in your account for Check and $50 for direct deposit.

CJ was specially designed for high paying affiliate programs in Cost per Lead, Cost per Action, Cost per sales.

4.2. ShareASale

share a sale

ShareASale is the best alternative or even addition to the CJ program.

It is one of the best U.S. largest affiliate marketing networks with more than 4000 merchants with them.

They were in this field for 17 years with an outstanding reputation and state-of-the-art business model and honest support team.

If you have a blog with decent traffic, then you can start your monetization process with the ShareASale program as they have huge physical products to sell.

Their technology meant for speed, efficiency and accuracy make them well-known in their industry.

ShareASale have now more than 3000 products, offering on wide variety ranging from Physical products to software and informational products.

Minimum payout is set at $50 and pay via Check, Direct Deposit.

They also offer Cost per lead, Cost per Action, Cost per sales programs. They pay for every month the 20th.

You can consider ShareASale affiliate program if your blog was on the technical niche.

4.3. Rakuten Affiliate Network


It was formerly called Buy.com, and it is also another great high paying affiliate program focused mainly on selling physical goods.

They ranked among the top three e-commerce companies with over 90,000 products with 18 million customers worldwide.

Rakuten network has only a few numbers of merchants, say 1000 partners, but they are the very oldest in their market and dedicated to premium technology.

The uniqueness is their creativity in marketing aids such as Rotating promotional banners and flexible linking options that help make more sales.

All your payments will be made via Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal once you reached $50 in your account balance.

They also offer Cost per lead, Cost per Action, Cost per sales.

Join the Rakuten Affiliate program today for free and earn income online.

4.4. Click Bank

click bank

Click bank is the best marketing network that stands out from the rest by focusing only on digital information products mostly sold by entrepreneurs.

They market over 6 million lifestyle products like E-books, video courses (CDs, DVDs) only created by many successful entrepreneurs.

No matter what your blog niche, as they are having hundreds of products that fit your blog to promote.

If you blog based on a technology-related niche, then ShareASale will be the best choice to monetize.

The pay via Check, Direct Deposit, Wire transfer and have a very low minimum payout of $10.

Also, they offer referral programs also, which means you will get the commission from your referral sales too.

4.5. Revi Media

revi media

If your blog does is able to convert leads to purchases then you work just to take leads through any subscription forms like that.

ReviMedia specializes in the industries of Insurance, home services, and financial sectors globally.

They offer a special platform that focuses on getting leads both from U.S and international markets.

They use the start of the art technology that primarily focuses on making fully automated in the lead generation process.

Their exclusive lead management platform called px.com will tell you the quality of every lead and you analyze their insights, performance, etc.

They have a vast direct publisher network of over 2000 publishers worldwide.

The minimum payout limit is $50 and they pay you via Check, Wire Transfer and PayPal.

4.6. Amazon Affiliate Program


Amazon is one of the biggest and well-known online stores having huge global markets.

You can even find Amazon products on my site because they are easier for monetization.

Amazon offers an affiliate program called Amazon Associates, which is well designed that attracts millions of buyers because of a user-friendly interface and has a wide range of products to sell.

Most of my friends who do blogging have monetized their blog using the Amazon affiliate program and most of them earning 5 figure incomes every month.

Continue reading: Start Amazon marketing program – step by step guide

There are thousands of products to promote and if you decide to promote physical products then Amazon is the way to go.

They pay via check, direct deposit, or Amazon.com Gift Certificates when you reached a minimum of $10 in your earning balance.

4.7. eBay Partner Program


As you should know that eBay partnered with over 5 million sellers and with a list of 800 million products selling over many parts of the world.

eBay has now online for over 20 years in its market.

They have developed a mobile app and website that helps you to create customized links, share via social networks to increase your sales.

You can track each and every sales, leads, impression, etc.

Their detailed analytics helps you to understand your earnings very clearly.

They pay via direct deposit, PayPal, and minimum payout is $25.

4.8. Avangate


Avangate is the best high paying affiliate program network when it comes to Software related products and SaaS solutions.

I too recently heard about Avangate and did some research about their reward programs.

Finally, I found it to be a trustable source to make money online.

If your blog was about software, then Avangate must be the best choice and also they are trusted by over 4000 businesses including BitDefender, Kaspersky, FICO, HP Software, etc.

They offer high-quality software products to promote and also their affiliate dashboard is user-friendly.

They are partnered with 4000 digital businesses over 180 countries.

I have not tried it because I am not dealing with any software related products or information on my blog.

You can try Avangate for your software blog as $100 is their minimum payout via Wire transfer, PayPal, and Check.

4.9. Flipkart Affiliate Program


Flipkart is the most popular online shop available in India and also they were merely concentrating on providing bloggers’ a high paying affiliate program.

They have started their business from books but now entered into various fields in almost every category.

This program has a great way to earn commissions by placing product banners or text links suitable to your blog theme.

This affiliate network thus pays 6 – 12% for selling Books and Ebooks.

Up to 6% for computers and electronic items. 6 – 20% for toys and 4% for digital cameras and its accessories.

Flipkart will pay you once you reached Rs.250 INR in your account balance via Gift Voucher and Rs.1000 INR via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) if you want to be paid in cash.

4.10. SnapDeal Affiliate Program


India’s largest online shopping platform branded in the name SNAPDEAL offers lucrative commissions to its affiliates through two programs, shopping partner, and content partner.

SnapDeal is the largest affiliate network in India with products over 1lakh in various sectors.

As a content partner, you will earn up to 20% of the sale amount as an affiliate commission in various categories.

As a shopping partner, you will earn up to 10% of the sale amount as commission.

They pay via EFT once you reached a minimum of Rs.1000 INR in your affiliate balance.

5. How to Promote Affiliate Network Program?

Joining an affiliate program is rather as easy as just filling the registration form. But to make money with an affiliate marketing network is the biggest task ever.

Start a blog: There are many ways to promote affiliate products but building a blog is the better way to earn residual income for the long term.

Find a trending niche and register a blog, start writing content around the product and publish articles.

Promote the blog: You have a wonderful article on the product and you have presented well on your web pages. But without traffic, no one is there to buy your product through your blog.

You need people to read your great content, so there might be a chance to convert them into your customers. Promote in every possible way to drive traffic to your blog post.

Build a large user base: Through your blog, display an email subscription form to collect your site visitors’ details.

Follow them up with frequent emails as this will help you in bringing returning visitors and also make them your long-term customer as well.

6. Things to Avoid Becoming a Successful Affiliate

If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, just duplicating your GURU and following a successful entrepreneur will not make you a successful marketer.

Acquire the context in their work and experience it in your own style.

Never join any affiliate program because someone else claiming that he/she has got success.

Never endorse any product unless you tried it personally. Surely you will know this meaning.

Choose products related to your blog niche, because if you are not the passion about the niche probably you may lose your success.


In my previous articles, I may have covered various verticals in the Affiliate marketing business such as step-by-step guides, how to start, etc.

But, last week specifically I spent my time to make some research about different high paying affiliate programs that were trust-able and paying genuinely.

And hence I derived this list of best affiliate marketing networks that will help you to find a suitable monetization program for your blog.

The best part of these programs are free to join, does not have a review process and approval process.

You can start making money just by signing up for their program.

Choosing the right product to promote on your blog, and make the commission for every sale.

All the best for your future.

Happy earnings!

“Don’t count the days.

Make the days count.”

Just give you little time to answer a few of my questions:

i.) Which one of these programs you are already in?

ii.) Which one of the programs you planned to join and WHY?

iii.) Explain your experience in these programs which you were in already?

I am having 100% trust in my user comments as it will help to get new ideas and also help me to make adding valuable information to this article.


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