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How to Make Money Blogging in 2021, Beginners Guide for Newbies

Written by Devi and Updated on December 24, 2020  4 Comments ]

Best Newbie Guide to Make Money Blogging


Today everyone and including me wants to make money, right? Let me teach you how to make money blogging?

Because this is the most wonderful way of making money from the Internet.

My Blog Easy Online Home Jobs was making a decent monthly revenue from Google and Amazon.

Now I am so happy with my what my blog is earning for me which is almost equal to the income if I for a Job?

How to Make Money Blogging

You may hear about the word “Blogging” and in this article, I am going to explore the ways to start a blog and monetize it.

You can start a blog on any topic based on your passion and Interest. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a hobby blog or a business blog.

Blogging requires more time and effort, but when you are ready to work with dedication you can make a great revenue.

This business is perfectly suitable for everyone who wishes to earn pocket money and substantially stable second income as well.


How do Beginner’s Bloggers Make Money?

As I already explained to you, once you know the way for perfect blogging, your doors for a residual income to start pouring your pocket daily.

With today’s advancement in technology, anyone can start blogging easily but the thing that influence most is the uniqueness in your blog among others matters the most out of it.

Really if you want to make money blogging, then you have to do a lot of work to write articles and ranking your blog.

It’s not possible to start making money from the blog overnight or in just a few days.

You should set up a blog, write informative articles to build a trustable audience base and do SEO to drive traffic to your blog.

As a beginner blogger, you should focus on creating quality content and driving tons of traffic to your blog.


How to Make Money Blogging?

This is the most awesome part of this article where you will surely spend the time to read what I have explained here?

But, don’t just pass away just by reading the information. Try to understand what I have shared as it may change your career.

There are basically a few great ways for every blogger does to make money blogging. They are:

  • Contextual Display Advertisements
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Display Banner Ad or Text Ad Advertisements
  • Selling products or services

Wait, you may have already know about these ways, but these are the golden ways which you should never drop.

Let me teach you the important steps to start your first blog and how to develop your blog in a way to earn a great revenue.


Steps to Start Making Money Blogging:

Now let us walk through the process of learning the steps to prepare yourself to start your first blog.

Also, I will let you know the necessary tools to start your blog.

Below are the different stages we will pass through this article and take a note of it now.

1.) Find your topic for blogging
2.) Choose the right domain name
3.) Choose the right web hosting
4.) Setup a reliable blogging platform
5.) Write valuable contents for blogging
6.) Foster relationship and create a social network
7.) Integrate monetization techniques

Among all the above five tips and to generate a residual income, you have to work on a regular basis such as updating your blog and reformulating user experience in your blog.


1.) Find your Topic for Blogging:

topic-for-your-blogAnyone can start a blog if they can be able to purchase a domain name and a web hosting.

But running successful blogging is the challenging task that requires devotion, dedication and time.

So, you choose to start making money online from blogging and you are ready to start. Isn’t it, right before your first move, you have to choose a topic to start a blog.

It’s possible for anyone can start a blog on any topic/niche based on their interest and passion.

There are so many topics are there on the internet to choose for blogging and some of them are cooking, painting, photography, make money, education-related niches, etc.

Remember, a blog for passion in what you are about?

Because I use to stick to these words,
“Always do what you like and what you know, success will reach you surely”

The blog is your first impression to the world and you want to express your blog more user-friendly.

You deserve it; people will come to know you from your blog. Whatever topic you choose, be creative and genuine to express the same.

Always stick to the things you are well known and write about it in your blog. I am sure this might give you some more clear understanding about making money blogging if you are a beginner.


2.) Choose the Right Domain Name:

This is the second most important step before starting your blogging career. After you have chosen your blogging topic, you have to search for the right domain name.

Choosing a domain name is the most crucial part of your blogging success and determine your success for the long run.

If you pick a wrong domain name, you are endangering yourself and may throw you out of blogging.

That’s why you should work with extreme care in picking the right domain name for your blog.

The perfect domain name should have your primary business keyword which is an essential source of your success.

Following tips are important when choosing a domain name.

  • Stick to .com name
  • Use your business keywords
  • Make it easily rememberable
  • Avoid hyphens, spaces, and numbers in the domain name
  • Use unique and brandable names
  • Find words that are easy to pronounce and spell
  • Register immediately with the right registrar

Usually, the .com domain name will cost you Rs.700 – Rs.800 per year and it’s the way is affordable by anyone.

Domain name is like naming a baby, which can’t be changed later, in any case, so choose it wisely.


3.) Choose a Right Web Hosting:

After picking the right domain name, you need to purchase a reliable web hosting service to host your blog.

Web Hosting is a service that offers technologies that are necessary for a website to host on the internet and made accessible anytime.

Since the domain name is your identity, web hosting is the heart of your virtual human to live.

A reliable web hosting is an important ranking factor as set by Google and other search engines.

Because your blog should be accessible and live anytime when anyone made a request to open your blog.

Also, the fastest blog will rank better in the search engines and so the web hosting server does the work for you.

There are many top-notch web hosting companies like A2 Hosting, Site ground, Raj Softech Solutions who offer quality hosting services.

Web hosting won’t cost you more than Rs.100 per month in 2019 because of the tough competition.


4.) Setup a Reliable Blogging Platform:

Choosing the right blogging platform is the third step to make money blogging. Today, after the launch of content management systems like WordPress, blogging becomes much easier.

Anyone without coding skills can design a stunning website or blog with just drag and drop site builder functionality from WordPress.

There are many similar systems but I recommend to start your blog through WordPress which offers multiple features for blogging.

After you have the topic and contents, it’s time to think about a long-term uninterrupted blogging platform to make your contents available anytime and anywhere to anyone all over the world.

I would recommend you go with a Content Management system such as WordPress, blogger or any other like platforms to start your blog.

If you know programming then you can start your blog without these Content Management Systems.

But why should we choose the difficult way to travel towards our success. I have written an article about choosing the best place to start a blog which may help you gain more knowledge as well.


5.) Write Valuable Contents for Blogging:

So you have decided the topic you are going to blog about, now your next intention and goal are to deliver good quality contents to your audience.

I swear the concepts are already revealed but the way one approaches the concept and the result after working out will be entirely different for every person.

The people mostly like to learn these types of experiences and knowledge from the internet. If you have stuff to feed, then you can surely succeed.

Huh! You may quite confuse on what I am trying to say? See here, I blog for “Make money online” but making money from home.

But the concept was revealed before many years but still, there are more new methods and ways available to make money online.

Enter into the field, learn new things first about your niche thoroughly and then write your experience in your blog will surely bring you success.

No one knows everything but knows something. So, we can use the knowledge and express our ideas and information’s as an article to deliver as content to the people through our blog.

CONTENT ALWAYS SPEAKS, as long as it is Unique. So write contents from your own experience and expertise and write informative articles that are worth to the readers of your blog.

You can start making money from your blog only if you have visitors to visit your blog. So to have more visitors you must have good contents.

Creating and writing informative contents is more time consumable but there is no alternate way or there are no shortcuts. All you have to do is to put your time to make money blogging.


6.) Foster Relationship and build a social network

followWhen you have a blog and content in it, now you are ready to show them off to the world.

But it never happens overnight and it is a never ending process so you have to keep on working daily.

When people need to find you, you have to be there in the place where they view.

So start creating new relationships with the people who were already in your niche and start building a long-term sincere relationship via social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, etc.

Get to know them by having regular frequent communication with them and also offer some friendly tips and guides in what you are expertise because they may not know some, but where you know already.

In any way, you will get back the same from them after some time or immediate that depends on how your relationship with them.

Never create enemies in blogging because all your effort will be wasted in defending your enemy’s activities which will become the biggest hurdle in your blogging.

Always interact with other people softly and genuinely and expect if they give it back or just leave them off politely.

Remember, you have to put yourself among the people because they won’t find you naturally unless you were there.


7.) Integrate Monetization Techniques:

This is the final process of your blogging success and you should start monetizing your blog after you start receiving a volume of traffic.

Always keep moving on your track laid already in your blogging venture.

Strive to write creative articles and valuable contents that may interest visitors to visit your blog back again that might give you authority genuine and trust.

A blog is your digital home where you can make some source of income to your life. So create trustworthiness among others.

You can make money from your blog by monetizing your contents in such a way that advertisers make use of your related articles to advertise their product or service and in terms, you will be getting paid.

Learn how to monetize your content for Google AdSense which is making around $1000 and more every month.



Content monetization is not the only to make money through your blog rather there are so many ways that your blog can earn you money.

You can sell some stuff through your blog such as E-books, digital products, electronic products, etc.

You can take part in affiliate marketing system where there is no hectic process such as transaction handling, goods transportation, etc.

The only process on your side is to redirect your blog visitors to their product page and they will take care of all activities and you will be paid for the sale.

Never jump straight away into making money from your blog at the beginning, and you will be deceased. Create your blog for passion, drive visitors by delivering quality contents and create trust.

Once you created your stable platform where visitors may often repeat visiting your blog you can now convert them into your customers because a good reputation always pays you off for the long term.

If you found this article a worth then do share my work in your friend’s network.


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    1. Hello Vijay,
      I had written an article about how to make money online on the internet. Kindly go through the article and you will come to know the idea of making money.

  1. I do accept as true with all of the concepts you have offered in your post.
    They are really convincing and will definitely work.

    Nonetheless, the posts are too brief for newbies.
    Could you please prolong them a bit from subsequent time?
    Thank you for the post.

  2. Hi Harish, Nice post about making money online with blogs. I have being working since last 3-4 years and believe if you put hard efforts you can surely make more than working 9-5 job. Adsense and affiliate marketing has not competition at all..

    Thanks for sharing this post with us!!

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