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Amazon Affiliate Beginner’s Guide to Start Making Money Online

Written by Devi and Updated on October 7, 2022  4 Comments ]

In this Amazon Affiliate Beginner’s Guide, you will learn about how to start this amazing business without investment.

Every people need to earn some extra money in their spare time to meet their financial needs. There are so many ways to make extra money and one of the best ways is the Amazon affiliate program.

This article will explain to you the step-by-step process involved in this business. The world’s first online affiliate marketing company launched in 1996, as Amazon associates.

So far, this is one of the best monetization methods that help to monetize your blog to make money online.

Amazon program is the best alternative for Google Adsense.

amazon affiliate

If you start a blog for money and failed or banned by Google Ad Sense, then you can look to monetize your blog with Amazon Affiliate Program.

Amazon has one of the biggest marketplaces in the world. Many marketers and big companies use Amazon to sell their products or services.

Commission Junction, Share a Sale, Flipkart, and Snap deal also in the field of Affiliate marketing, but none can beat Amazon.

Because they pay you up to 12% as your affiliate commission for every sale you bring to them.

Let go of a deep walk to read a complete review of the Amazon program that holds a very lucrative income method for bloggers.

Table of Content?
1. Why Choose Amazon Affiliate Marketing?
2. How Does Amazon Program Work?
3. Monetize your Blog with Amazon Affiliate
STEP 1 – Open The Amazon Site
STEP 2 – Fill the Details
4. Beginner’s Guide to Making Money from Amazon
STAGE 1 – Give Details of Your Website
STAGE 2 – Complete Your Profile
STAGE 3 – Add Your Tax Information
STAGE 4 – Find Products to Promote
5. Other Methods of Monetization
6. How do They Pay our Commissions?
7. Increase your Earnings
8. Advantages of working with Amazon
Final Words…

1. Why Choose Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon affiliate marketing is the second-best alternative for Google Ad Sense to monetize your blog and make money online.

It is one of the easiest ways to earn online from your blog without investment through blogging. Because Blogging is the only way for generating lucrative long-term income.

This affiliate program works on a very simple strategy:

  1. You redirecting your blog visitor to the Amazon Sales page
  2. There they are making some purchases.
  3. You will get a commission for the sale.

Amazon associates come up with the best residual income program called affiliate marketing or referral marketing.

I have previously explained in depth why choose Affiliate Marketing Business to make money online.

Amazon has already established its brand and millions of merchants have already registered with its program.

They have their own state-of-the-art software which will automate all processes involved in processing an order (Processing, payment verification from a customer, packing, shipping, and delivering).

All you need is to list your products (or) services with Amazon and focus on creating a brand across your business. You will earn a commission for each sale you drive.

2. How Does Amazon Program Work?

This program works on very simple ethics and includes only three stages where you will get your money in your bank account.

2.1.) Join their program

2.2.) Advertise their products

2.3.) Earn commissions

2.1. Join their Affiliate Program

It’s free and easy to join in simple steps. Just completing the registration form makes you become an eligible Amazon Affiliate.

Complete the registration form by filling in all details and submitting it for approval.

2.2. Advertise their Affiliated Products

Once your application was approved, start making money by displaying their affiliate products on your blog.

Choose from over a million products from their online store suitable for your blog niche.

2.3. Earn Commission for Every Sale

Earn up to 12% commission from affiliates’ advertising fees and referral sales commission from all qualified products from their E-store not just for the product you advertised on your blog.

To start this lucrative program, you should have your own blog on a certain trending niche. Must have a steady flow of traffic to your blog from search engines and other sources.

Without a blog, it’s a bit difficult to start making money from Amazon. But some GURUs have already harvested a huge income potential from affiliate programs without having a Blog.

But my suggestion is, why would we need to go difficultly? Do we have one easy way to start our venture? Start a blog now and monetize it for making money through affiliate programs.

Amazon has its business worldwide and for every country, the registration methods vary.

You should Sign up on your country portal,

If your blog targets for an audience from the United States, then you should have to Sign up for Amazon US program.

If your blog visitors are from India, then you should Sign up for Amazon India program.

Each country, they have a country-based portal and you should sign up based on your Geographical users.

3. Monetize your Blog with Amazon Affiliate

To start making money online from the Amazon marketing program, you need to have your own blog. The blog should be in a popular niche with a decent flow of traffic from search engines and other sources.

You can easily monetize your blog with this program. Just copy and paste the referral HTML code into various sections such as the Header, Footer, Sidebar, and inside the article of your blog

A site visitor visiting your blog when clicking on the affiliate link to purchase the recommended product (or) service, will earn you a commission.

This is not one time, you will receive the commission on every sale that takes place on your blog pages. Every time I use to say, an online business needs a setup and starting procedure to get successful.

Just starting a program will not give you success, you have to track your campaign properly. The very first step is to register with Amazon associate program.

As said earlier, register based on your country portal or visitor’s geographic location, and the registration process will vary with country location.

Here, I will guide you through the Registration Process in India because my blog visitors were mostly from India.

STEP 1 – Open The Amazon Site

Register for an Amazon India accounts by clicking this link.

Visit Amazon India Portal and click “Join Now for Free”. You are at the doorstep of your success. Registration is your KEY.

register with amazon-program


STEP 2 – Fill in the Details

On the next page, enter your Email ID and choose “I am a new customer”.

Press “Sign in using our secure server”.

On the next screen, you have to enter your name, Email ID once again and choose a secure password to access your Amazon account.

Once you have completed all fields click Create Account.

amazon registration process

The next step is to get text links, banners, or widgets for the products you want to promote on your site.

Select the product based on your niche,

For example:

If you have a review blog for the latest electronic gadgets, then choose products from those categories.

Similarly, if you run a music or movie blog, then get widget codes for selling DVDs, CDs for movies or songs albums, etc.

If your product was different from your site niche, then you won’t get conversions, I mean visitors won’t purchase anything from your site.

4. Beginner’s Guide to Making Money from Amazon

There are four stages involved in your registration with Amazon.

You have to provide them with your real residential address for communication, where you will promote your affiliate products either website, blog, Mobile App, or any other way.

Next, you have to complete your profile where you need to explain in detail where you promote, how you promote, which products you will promote, etc.

You will get a unique Associate ID after completing the registration process. This ID is used to track your referral sales.

Your application will be taken into consideration once you fill in all the details required by them. An editorial team will review your application manually.

You will get an email as soon as your application is approved. Now, it means you can start monetizing your blog with them.

Now let us see the process of filing an application form for an associate account.

STAGE 1 – Give Details of Your Website

After completing your registration form, you have to log in to your account using your username and password provided at the time of your registration.

In the first screen, you have to add your list of Website and/or Blog URL (or) Mobile App URLs where you will promote your affiliate products.

After completing this field, click Next.

list url for promotion


STAGE 2 – Complete Your Profile

The next page is called a Profile page, you have to explain clearly by answering all the fields.

1.) Choose your preferred associate’s ID (It should be unique) and explain its purpose.

Next, select your blog topic (Choose all related topics applicably).

2.) Now the select type of Amazon items you want to list for promotion.

3.) After that select your Website type (blog or review site or information site etc.)

complete profile

4.) Now, you have to tell them how you bring traffic to your blog.

They’ve already listed the different sources of traffic and you just have to select all applicable sources.

5.) Next, they have a few questions which are about your Off-page SEO activities and your intention for choosing this program.

Answer all their question and complete the captcha.

6.) You should accept their terms and conditions to participate in their program.

Once done, review once again and click Finish.

complete profile part two

Wow, you have completed your application process and your application was submitted for review.

Your application will be reviewed after you have been referred for the first sale on their platform.

STAGE 3 – Add Your Tax Information

Congratulations, your Amazon associate account is ready.

Don’t forget to complete your Tax information as it is mandatory as per the Indian Income-tax department.

All payments from Amazon will pay after deducting TDS from your earnings.

final registration

STAGE 4 – Find Products to Promote

Log in to your account dashboard and look for the “Product Linking” tab in the navigation menu.

It is located at the top of the screen.

Choose product linking >> product links.

Product linking

Now, search their store to find a suitable product to display on your blog page for monetization.

You will get search results and now you have to choose one product to share.

Just click the “Get link” button to get HTML codes to display.

get product code to display

On the next page, you will the code to display. But if you want to customize its look and appearance you can do so on that page itself and preview the same.

But if you want to customize its look and appearance you can do so on that page itself and review the same.

Afterward, copy the HTML code and paste it into your blog page.

display product

The process is over. You have completed choosing the right product for promotion on your blog page. Now, move on to work to get traffic to your blog.

When visitors come to your site and click on this banner ad and if he/she makes a purchase means they will get a commission.

You will earn affiliate commission on every sale you promote through your blog. Amazon will set a cookie in the user browser which helps to earn commission on all sales for the next 24 hours.

Because there is a tracking cookie placed which will be active until 24hrs and monitor all purchases made during that time.

5. Other Methods of Monetization

Apart from product links, there are other ways such as Displaying Banners on various products instead of product links.

  1. Banners are available on various sizes of 300 x 250, 728 x 90, 160 x 600, 300 x 600.
  2. You can add inline text links in between the article contents to make more sales.
  3. Text links are also coming in various options such as Links to your target product, links to search results, and links to any Amazon sales page.
  4. Monetize your Amazon program by displaying sales widgets that are also available.

Three types of widgets are:

  • Display my favorites,
  • Carousel Widgets,
  • Slideshow widgets.

You can choose which one will be most suitable for your website.

Selecting the right widget will help you to get more sales.

6. How do They Pay our Commissions?

Amazon India will pay their affiliates through the direct Bank transfer (NEFT) method or Cheque.

For this, you have to add your Pancard and bank account details to your Amazon account.

Amazon will process the payout after 60 Days from the date of your sale. Amazon has an exclusive 30 Day money-back guarantee for their customers.

For a sale made in January, you will get paid by late March of the same year.

Similarly, for a sale made in February, you will get paid by Later April.

You will receive money in your bank account when you reach a minimum of Rs. 1,000.

They process payment after the 15th and it will reach your bank account in the next 4 – 5 business working days.

Still, if you have some queries about their payment methods, you can get updated yourself here.

Amazon will pay your earnings after deducting TDS from your earnings.

7. Increase your Earnings

Here I found some methods useful for you to increase your revenue from their affiliate program,

  • Build links to many different products

Amazon program will pay you for all purchases made by your blog visitors and not just for the product you referred.

If a visitor visits the Amazon website through your referral link from your blog, a tracking cookie with your referral ID will be placed in their browser cookie.

It is valid for the next 24hrs and will track all purchases from that visitor.

You will earn for all that purchases and also from repeated purchases during that 24hrs.

The most important thing is to get people to the Amazon sales page through your referral link.

  • Monetize your personal Emails

When sending emails to others, append your Amazon referral link to the footer of the Email.

You can even use your newsletter emails when sending updates to your blog visitors.

If you want to buy anything from Amazon ask your friends or neighbors to give their referral link for purchase.

Ask them to do the same, so that you both will mutually benefit each other.

  • Add Widgets

Widgets are a great source to promote affiliate products on blogs or websites.

Create a widget and add it to your blog template as it will display site-wide and will reap chances of more sales.

Place your widget on your blog sidebar as a template that will give you more conversions.

  • Advertise products over $100

As told, earlier, you will get from 4% to 12% as referral commission.

If a sale of value $100 was made through your blog and its advertising fee was 10% means you will get a $10 commission.

Similarly, if you promoted a product with a value of $10 means you will get only $1.

  • Update the widget with lists

Most online marketers will update their product database and as blog owners update their widget list with new products every quarter or month.

This will increase your sales.

  • Promote seasonal products

You will get higher sales during any festival season.

So, think of starting an event blogging for festivals such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc. to get more sales over other months.

  • Rank your blog higher

Respect search engines and do keyword research.

Writing quality articles and promoting your content virally will get you more visitors every day.

More visitors, more sales, more commission.

8. Advantages of working with Amazon

  • Registration with them was completely free and requires no investment ever.
  • Whenever you send a customer to the Amazon sales page, your affiliate link will be presented in their URL.

After whenever they make any purchases, you will earn a commission.

  • Your referral URL will be valid for up to 24hrs once your blog visitor landed on their sales page.
  • The best part is, your customer doesn’t need to buy only the products referred by you.

On whatever product purchase they make, you will get paid.

  • Simply, just send more visitors to their sales page and make a commission whenever a sale has been made.
  • For every sale, you will get from 4% to 12% as referral commission depending on the products.

Final Words…

There are various methods of monetization are available when you start a blog. However, Amazon Affiliate Program is the best choice for many bloggers.

The business model was proven successful for many years. Amazon’s program made many millionaires around the world and still creating.

Now it’s your turn to dig deep into its potential growth and use it for your own welfare.

If you found this article [Amazon Affiliate Guide] useful, share a word about my work with your network as it will help someone like me.

Did I need to add or missed something, update me here via comments.


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