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20 Essential Online Marketing Tools for Online Business

Written by Devi and Updated on December 23, 2020  0 Comments ]

Let’s learn various Online Marketing Tools for your Internet Business


Certainly, the beginning of the era of computers and especially the Internet has been a revolutionary milestone not only for communication and technology but also for business.

Companies have grown completely with traditional methods of sales and promotion for modern online marketing with the help of several useful marketing tools.

Online Marketing Tools

Although it has been built in a different medium or communication channel, online marketing still has the same reasons as the typical business marketing we know and that is, to attract more people and potential customers.

Now there are several online marketing tools that have been developed and are currently being used effectively.


Why Online Marketing Tools are Necessary?

Online marketing tools, in addition to being an incentive for sales, are also excellent tools to maintain our esteem or influence the faithful to stay.

We will address the generic online marketing tools used by individuals and companies in their scope and general application.

The first on the list is the creation of websites. The construction of websites is a fundamental marketing tool. Any marketing plan or program that is transmitted over the Internet requires a website.

In addition to the propaganda motive, the web pages are the virtual positions of each company, in practice, a virtual store or online store.

Customers and all other potential customers are connected to the company itself through the construction of the website.

Websites have the most extensive and effective features and, certainly, a powerful online marketing tool.

If we turn to the least complicated and rigorous kind of online marketing tool, we will probably head to blogs. Surely blogs are easier to maintain and update than a normal website.

It is also more flexible and useful in terms of getting those good rankings in the search engines.

With the reasons given above, most online experts would conclude that creating a blog would be a good start for small businesses and a more powerful marketing push for established ones.


Advantages of Using Online Marketing Tools:

I would like to summarize some of the advantages:

1.) Automate the process:

Online marketing tools are very useful to automate the entire process. You can configure the required data only once and press the button to send the data.

These online marketing tools will take care of the rest of the process and with the development of technology, most of the tools available today have this technology.

Almost all Internet marketing experts use tools that automate many processes. This saves time by using your products in a different place.


2. Keep up with the Competition

If you are starting to use Internet marketing, you need to use these online tools to get the benefits of online business.

Marketing specialists know exactly what kind of tools to use and how?

They will always be a step forward if you do not know how to best use these tools?

All you need is to find the best tools that suit your company’s needs and master the necessary skills to work with these tools.

In this way, your company will have better visibility and will stay ahead of the competition.


3. The Tools are Specific to the Industry

These tools are made specifically for the respective industries. The people who use these tools can update their knowledge and know what is best in the industry?

Suppose we give an example of a tool to send social networks, this tool knows exactly where to send your site.

The tool creators still updating their database with new social networking sites and change their codes accordingly. Therefore, the use of updated online marketing tools is very useful.


4. Trust your Customers

Some of the professional tools are so popular that even clients require Internet professionals to use them so they can believe they are dealing with legitimate people.

Let’s take an example of Aweber’s reaction service. The most famous sellers use Aweber as their autoresponders and many people use various services related to spam that may not attract serious customers.

Use marketing tools to succeed in your company!


Online Marketing Tools

1. Freedcamp

A simple tool that does everything you need to manage your projects. You can use Freedcamp for free or update when there is a storage problem.

In addition to standard task functions, like notifications via SMS are sent, a quality control panel with key data and project templates to save time on repetitive tasks.


2. Slack

Slack is the best communication tool for cooperation. Digital Darts team members can exchange messages effortlessly, receive notifications on a desktop computer or on a cell phone (block them at certain times), use channels to discuss clients or topics, search for news, and more.

The tool has many integrations like Google Drive and Google Hangouts. It is an incredible collaboration tool like a remote computer.


3. WebEngage

WebEngage has everything to explore people who visit your website. Create any survey style on any page with different triggers.

Another great alternative is HotJar, which is used more often to optimize Shopify stores.


4. Ahrefs

When it comes to collecting backlinks, keywords, competitors, content, etc., there are around one hundred thousand tools to choose from.

Generally, in these saturated markets you have your big and expensive tools for smaller, single-function, low-cost companies, and tools.

Often, the leading enterprise-level option is a bloated mess that essentially recharges with one or two high-value features, with a huge array of worthless supplements that inflate costs.

This does not apply to Ahrefs. In the crowded SEO tool market, Ahrefs is probably the best tool to create backlinks at an extremely competitive pace.


5. Buffer

It is very easy to waste all your time on social networks.

Fortunately, it is really very easy to waste zero time on social networks and continue using all the social networks that are dedicated to your business.

If you want the last option, the Buffer is the tool for you.


6. CrazyEgg

Crazy Egg uses your website and provides visual information on how users use your site.

There are even recordings of each visit you can see and see how far they are visiting on your site.


7. Google Alerts

Google Alerts are good for verifying your brand, your competitors, and even campaign hashtags.

However, the social networks in which Talkwalker appears in the image are not mentioned.

You can use the Talkwalker Alerts service to effectively control the mention of your brand, your competitors, and campaign hashtags on various social media platforms.


8. Google My Business

One of the best tools for local businesses is Google My Business and all the tools integrated into it.

Recently, Google added the ability to create a “publication” with the image directly on the website.

These publications are seen by people who find us in Google searches and maps.

The mere fact of allowing a person to learn a little more about your company in a short post can really help them decide the next step and start working with the company.


9. SpyFu

We use a tool called SpyFu which is a great tool for your competition.

You can see your most profitable keywords, the cost of clicks, and much more.

The SpyFu tool allows marketing professionals to find gaps in their marketing strategy.


10. Mail Chimp

You need an email tool like MailChimp as this can help you launch an email marketing strategy and also provides automation services.

This is a great tool that will help strengthen the brand.


11. Sales Navigator

This is one of the most attractive social media tools you can find.

It allows you to see profiles and activity on social networks, namely LinkedIn, directly in your Gmail inbox.

You can use this information to improve and use your network.


12. Qzzr

Do you want to create content to share on social networks that constantly increases traffic on your landing pages and websites?

Qzzr is a questionnaire creation tool that allows you to create tools on various topics for easy dissemination on social networks.


13. Keywords.IO

Keywords are one of the important aspects of any SEO or marketing campaign.

Use Keywordtool.io to see a list of long-term keywords that can be useful for targeting customers.


14. Google Analytics

If you have not used Google Analytics, now is the right time. This powerful analytic platform is one of the best on the Internet.

It contains thousands of data and can be used to track very specific and relevant conversion goals.

Link it to your WordPress site and get relevant statistics for Google Analytics from MonsterInsights.


15. Siteliner

Duplicate content is a very serious issue and one has to track it effectively. With Siteliner, you need to enter a URL for a website and you will get results immediately.


16. Grammarly

Human editors are great, built-in spells are great. However, it is not perfect.

Well add another layer to edit, and Grammarly is the answer. This powerful tool automatically checks everything you write or publish in your Internet browser.


17. Headline Analyzer

As you know, one of the most important elements of writing an article is the title or headline.

If you’re talking about a blog post, article, or article on YouTube, the title will have a direct impact on clicks.

Use the headline analyzer to determine how effective your heads are.


18. Place-it

Place-it is designed for a particular purpose such as add images of your website, application, or product in real-world environments, such as tablet screens, mobile phones, computers, and more.


19. Feedly

Feedly is a news aggregator application tool for various online browsers and mobile devices which is running on Android and IOS platforms

It is an important tool for content marketing and is free of cost.


20. Freshmail

This is one of the email marketing service provider founded in 2008 which is used for mass emailing purposes.

Freshmail has a wide range of optimization and analytic tools to track every email campaign.

It has unique and creative templates to work with.


Outsourcing Tool


TaskRabbit is a service that connects you with certified people who can help you with individual projects.

Do you need more hands to move to the new office space? Hire a contractor easily through TaskRabbit and avoid the inconvenience including additional costs and time needed to find a regular contractor.

Its use is free and you only have to pay the managers when they complete their activities.



With Guru, you can search among freelancers or publish a job for them to offer.

This free outsourcing resource is aimed at commercial tasks such as web development, financial management, marketing, legal and administrative support.

The good thing about this tool is the detailedness of its support and its ease of use.



Thumbtack is an excellent outsourcing tool optimized for mobile devices for special tasks in which your small business may need help.

From photography and landscape architecture to accounting and tax preparation, there is a wide variety of types of jobs that a contractor can hire to help you.

Answer some questions and Thumbtack will match your request with independent professionals who can do it.


UP work

This subcontracting tool is best used to hire part-time contractors, but it is also possible to publish specific activities that must be carried out.

If you need something for IT, legal, graphic design, web development, writing, or anything else that is done on a computer, you can find an independent contractor to help you.

You can electronically pay, download or print an official invoice for your records, and do not worry about the tax forms for your contractors.



Fiverr is another online outsourcing tool. With its easy-to-use navigation and categories, you can find the best independent professionals that can do your job.

Examine the budget, the time needed, and all other necessary specifications. See the contractors’ work examples and their rates before contacting them with their homework.



Oktopost allows independent and marketing professionals to automate and measure the success of their social campaigns.

While it is not always a good idea to fully run the social network channels on autopilot, Oktopost provides a means to plan and queue the content very soon.

Be sure to register a few minutes a day to participate in live discussions.


Online Storage Tools

Tools such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box provide a means to archive files online.

Even better, these platforms allow the autonomous to synchronize certain files and folders, allowing easy collaboration with customers.

Pro editions have version control support, which means you can track files as they change.


Google Trends

Google Trends is a great place to track the latest trendy facts.

Although the search parameters are quite limited, you can monitor specific business trends or see performance over time for keywords.


Click Meeting

ClickMeeting is the ideal solution for distance online learning, especially for one-to-many discussions.

This is an excellent option for companies that need to train the independent professionals they hire.

However, it also works for freelancers who wish to outsource some of their daily activities to other freelancers.



Skype for Business works great when you need basic teleconferencing. It allows voice and/or video chat, with the possibility of sharing screens.

Add-ons make it easier to record calls for a later review. Even the free version of Skype should be able to create simple chats, voice calls, and video calls.



Thanks to the advanced technology that has made these online marketing tools available.

To survive in business and compete with renowned experts, you must use the most popular online marketing tools.

Not only this, but it also has some important advantages when you use them.


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