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Blog Writing Jobs: 13 Best Ways to find Writing Jobs Online

Written by Devi and Updated on October 17, 2022  0 Comments ]

Do you have the skills to write blog content, then find suitable blog writing jobs today.

There are so many different kinds of online jobs available yet among them Blog Writing is one of the most in-demand jobs in 2022.

Yes, because most businesses have made their online presence through blogging and the website.

This creates a huge demand for writers across the world. Blog Writing Jobs are a quick and easy way to earn money online.

Blog Writing Jobs

This indirectly helps you gain authority in your niche as every site will allow a short author bio with a link back to your website.

If you are doing an affiliate marketing business, then your success is determined by how well you write affiliate marketing content on your blog.

Affiliate content states that, “how well are you describing the product and recommending them? And how well are you at convincing your audience?”.

You can write for your own blog or other blogs, however, it is therefore guaranteed you can make a lucrative monthly income.

What are Blog Writing Jobs?

Before getting into it, let us see what is a Blog.

A blog is a kind of online journal that is updated at regular intervals, sometimes daily.

Whenever the blog author finds anything interesting, he/she then writes a blog post or updates existing ones.

Blog Writing Jobs are defined as – simply writing content on a given topic for a blog or a website.

Finding content writing jobs is much easier because of the rise in the content marketing industry.

Almost thousands of blogs were launched every day, thereby increasing the requirement for freelance writers to produce articles for their blogs.

How to Find a Writing Jobs Online?

As we are living in the technology world, every person has the freedom to choose his job.

There are so many different kinds of online jobs without investment available, but writing jobs has occupied a very good position.

You can easily make $5 – $100 per article if you work as a freelance writer or direct blog writer.

But that’s not the end, as we have so many opportunities to utilize for making money online.

Among them, freelance writing jobs are the best.

As I said earlier, it is very easy to find a writing job. There are so many freelancing sites available to offer this job.

You can even apply directly to sites such as Listverse, Content Mart for a writing job post and start working from home.

Most bloggers are ready to pay between $5 – $100 per post depending on the length of the post, title, and quality.

The rates may vary depending on the quantity of the post as well.

List of Ways to Get Blog Writing Jobs?

Are you interested to write content for blogs and websites?

Do you wish to work from home and start your own freelance writing career?

Then follow these ideas to find the right job based on your skill and talent. There are so many huge opportunities available and let us discuss them further.

You can make a handsome income from this job and there is no special training needed to begin this career.

The opportunities are plentiful and there is no need to have their website, well-written, thoughtful content is enough to make money.

Let us see the different ways to find blog writing jobs and start your career as a content writer.

1. Cold Pitching

This is a kind of a bit difficult task in finding a better chance of freelance writing jobs.

In this process, you have to find bloggers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, or start-ups and connect them via email.

Let them know your interest to work as a freelance writer that supports growing their online presence.

This may sometimes seem to be scary and difficult at times when you are a brand-new writer.

But with a little constant effort, you can slowly grow your authority and establish your brand.

2. Join Job Boards

This is another option for finding a blog writing job to begin your career in this category.

Same way, many new entrepreneurs, bloggers, small businesses, and start-ups post their job ads on these boards.

You can easily find the right job based on your skills and knowledge. There are free job boards and paid job boards are available.

But I recommend you start with free job boards and once you gained experience and market, you can pitch on paid job boards.

Some of the sites I recommend you visit today were:



Content etc.

3. Follow Tweets From Job Boards

Twitter is a goldmine for many online jobs. You can start following the various job board twitter profiles to find any new offers.

Twitter is a great platform to find and build new relationships that make potential clients and offer huge business.

4. Ask Around

This is another nice idea to find a writing job. Before you search online for freelance writing inform your friends and family.

They may help to some extent in getting you the job you are searching for.

Creating business cards and distributing them to your friend’s network and family members helps in getting some gigs to work.

If you are working for a company as a full-time content writer and plan to quit your job, inform your co-workers.

They sometimes give you a chance of becoming your first client.

5. Create a blog

A blog serves in many ways to earn money and offering your freelance writing services is the best option to make money from your blog.

The best way to attract clients is by having a professional-looking website, but it’s not a good choice at the beginning.

If you truly decided to ramp up your business you will have to invest to purchase your domain and hosting to launch your first WordPress site.

6. Write a Guest Post

It can give you great exposure to expand your business right away but it’s a bit difficult to get potential clients in the beginning.

Normally when you publish a guest post on other sites, you will get a space – author bio – where you can advertise yourself.

If you write a guest post on a popular site, thousands of people will read your post, and eventually, those viewers may become your potential clients.

You can perform a Google search to find the list of sites that accept guest posts and write an email explaining your offer.

7. List your Services

If you are already running a blog, then you publish a page and name it, “Hire Me”.

Write a detailed description of your writing service, mention your previous work, and list some testimonials from your previous clients.

Visitors landing on your blog may have a chance to hire you for their business operation sometimes.

8. Visit Local Companies

This is another nice way to get your job done very easily. Earlier I told you to print some business cards to distribute among your friends and family.

Same way, contact your local web design companies and give them your business card, let them know you offer quality writing services.

It’s a quick way to find a better freelance writing job opportunity to work from home.

9. Use Facebook

Social media plays an important role in every business and is also for fun and entertainment.

You can create your business page to sell your services or find the relevant groups to join to find the work.

Approaching through Facebook will consume a lot of time because you need to build a relationship first to convert them into leads.

10. Ask for a Referral

This way works for those who already have clients. If you don’t, then this way may not work for you.

If you have any existing clients, then ask them for a referral. It may not be the right thing, but asking others for a chance isn’t the worst consideration.

11. Find sites that pay writers

There are hundreds of sites/blogs that pay for writing articles on their blog and they are ready to pay for this work.

You can find the list of sites that offer paid guest posting by performing a small Google search.

It’s not easy to write for a paid blog because usually, they require your portfolio with guest posts on other blogs.

So, first, write for free sites and build your profile before approaching these kinds of paid guest blogging.

12. Use Linkedin Jobs

Did you ever know LinkedIn has a job board? Yes, they do!

Go to their job board and put your job on their list so that potential clients may get a chance to find you.

In your LinkedIn profile, invest some time in building a relationship and slowly approach them with your business.

13. Use Reddit

Reddit is another social media where you can find potential clients for your blog writing jobs.

Find the subreddit /r/ForHire and /r/WritingOpportunities and list your service in the portal.

Blog Writing Jobs Sites

In this section, let us find some of the sites from my research that offer blog writing jobs where you can start your career today.

There are two categories one is you can approach the blog directly to ask for an opportunity.

Another one is trying to work as a freelance writer, don’t worry there are so many sites available where you can get one genuine job.

Blog Writing

This is a quick and easy way to earn money. I have listed a few sites here where you can find writing jobs easily.

Go to the site and read their guest post guidelines carefully and once you were satisfied, send them an email.

If you are accepted, then you can start writing an article to publish on their blog.

  1. 99 Designs
  2. Income Diary
  3. ListVerse
  4. Money Crashers
  5. The Writer Life
  6. Small Biz Trends
  7. Rank Pay
  8. Wealthy Web Writer
  9. Money Crashers
  10. The Work Online Blog
  11. A Fine Parent
  12. B2B Writing Success
  13. Chicago Parent
  14. College Humor

Freelance Writing Jobs

A freelancer means a person, who works on a particular project or a work, for a particular period.

If you are having writing skills and are interested to become a content writer (Including article writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, and e-books), etc, you can try freelancing.

I have listed a few sites where you can find writing jobs and apply for the job.

If your application is approved, complete the work and get paid through the platform.

List of sites that offer freelance work was:

  1. Freelancer
  2. I freelance
  3. People Per Hour
  4. Upwork
  5. Textbroker
  6. Guru
  7. Online Writing Jobs
  8. Elance
  9. Craigslist


Blog writing jobs are a nice way to make money online from home. The only requirement is your ability to write an article.

If you are good at commanding English and can able to write without errors, then you are the right fit for the job.

In this article, I have listed some legit ways to find blog writing jobs that pay you good money for doing.

Also, I have listed some sites too that help you find one such job to start working today.


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