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Top 16 All Time Best Online Money Making Methods to Make Money

Written by Devi and Updated on September 19, 2022  1 Comments ]

Follow these 16 Online Money Making Ideas and Earn more than Rs. 20000 in a month

Every one of us needs money for our living and to fulfill our everyday expenses. People are searching for new money-making ideas to earn some additional income.

Earn money online through simple online money-making methods on a computer at home is the dream of everyone who uses to surf the internet daily.

Already it has been proven that most people around the world are making thousands of dollars by working on the internet.

Yes, it is not fiction or a mind-blowing thing, it is real and everyone can do this but with one condition.

Online Money Making Methods

That is, you must be realistic and conscious of online money making. Though it is not easy it is not difficult.

Once you identified the right path to travel in your online career, then you are set right to make a decent income flow from your computer online.

If you are ready to make some online, then here I am presenting my all-time 16 ideas that make money in real time.

These ideas are easier and can be even started by a newbie at the beginning.


1. Make A Business Website

In one sentence, blogging makes money is all I can say. Yes, if you think of the best online money-making methods, then you can start with a website.

A simple website will never make money, but a business model integrated into the site does so.

You can start any kind of business such as,

Whatever that, your website should be having something valuable to your site visitors.

If you are already having an existing business or a family business, then you can definitely take your business online just by spending some money to get your website and hosting.

In a single word, you can make your business online. The Internet is having all types of customers and you can establish your business ideas worldwide with a single mouse click.

You can even grow your business to a large extent by reaching out to the worldwide market.

2. Selling your Stuff Online

If you really have products to sell? Then sell it online. There are thousands of potential customers online to buy your products.

You can make use of free classifieds sites such as Olx, Quikr, and Click. in, and/or using direct selling websites like Amazon, Flipkart, snap-deal, etc.

Already thousands of handicraft workers are making their full-time income online by selling their handmade works through their websites.

If you take this business seriously then you can make residual income online.

My best suggestion is to go with your own domain to sell your pieces of stuff where you can have added source of income opportunities along with product selling.

3. Make Money from Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the best revenue-sharing program ever mastered by Google that enables webmasters to make huge money from their website or blog.

It works on the principle of a contextual advertising system that displays content-related ads on your website or blog.

All you need is to have your own website or blog that receives traffic every day.

Once you have these things, then you can submit them to Google to display Google AdSense Ads.

The only work from your side is to implement the Javascript code from Google AdSense into your web page or blog to display Ads.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best online money-making methods available online.

Here the individual who works as an affiliate needs to sell other merchant products (or) services on their behalf by using his/her marketing effort.

For every successful sale, you will be paid a decent commission from the seller.

You don’t need to find the seller to ask for any work, rather the internet has many Affiliate marketing websites such as Amazon Affiliate, Commission Junction, and Flipkart Affiliate program which stands at the top today.

You need to register a free account with them and you can choose your product to sell.

To take part in this program you need to have a website or blog because the product you choose will have an affiliate tracking code that needs to be placed on your blog or website to display banner ads to grab the attention of those visitors to be converted into buyers.

If you don’t have money to invest in a blog or website, then you choose to start a free blog from Blogger, WordPress, etc.

If you are good at convincing people then sure you can make a good commission every day from those programs.

5. Work as a Freelancer

It simply denotes self-employment jobs. If you are searching for online part-time jobs or online jobs from home, then this is for you. Register an account with Freelancer.com, and complete your profile.

This website is the intersection platform between the employer and the employee, where the employee can choose his own employer.

You can choose your employer for the particular task and once completed you can opt for a new one.

There are many kinds of jobs available such as,

  • Content Writing
  • Web Designing
  • SEO
  • Data entry jobs


  • much more.

You are having full freedom to choose your jobs.

These jobs are purely contract basis and will be available only for a particular period and once the employer does finish his/her job then he will revoke the job placement further.

6. Work as a Virtual Assistant


Some businesses could not afford an employee for a particular post in their concern and hence they will seek a virtual assistant for that post to work for a particular period.

You can set your own salary and working hours if you choose to work as a virtual assistant.

Even you can do this part-time if you have a computer at home with the internet and some technologies such as Skype, Google voice, etc.

You may try this site Elance. This is one of the best sites that I recommend to begin your career as a Virtual Assistant.

7. Blogging

Here is the big deal in online money making. Having a blog and making money out of it.

Blogging becomes a trend in the online profession and everyone starts blogging for money.

You can start a blog for any reason such as expressing your ideas, referring to a product, or selling a product.

You can do this part-time or full-time. Start your blog and drive some traffic to your blog.

Then plug into Google Adsense or other contextual marketing websites and direct traffic to them and make money out of it.

If you are a software developer, then you can make use of that knowledge and create software.

Today there are many new numbers of mobile apps launching every day and you can make use of them to make money online.

Make your mobile app and sell it on Google PlayStore or Amazon. Not only money making app, but you can develop customized software that is in demand.

Some of the notable software in the market are GST Software, Appointment Booking Software, and Taxi Booking Software.

You can spend time creating one software and start selling online by creating a website.

9. Create a Premium Blog Theme

As earlier I said blogging becoming trending. In 2021, there are many new people are starting their own blogging careers.

Everyone even a newbie who starts blogging can earn from his/her first day. In the olden days, when you need to create a blog, you require coding knowledge and skill.

But later with the introduction of Content Management systems like WordPress, website development becomes much easier.

Today, Content management system such as WordPress triggers the entire blogging world with their ready-made themes and plugins.

If you know HTML and PHP, then you can make your own theme for blogging and sell it online for a low cost.

Offer quality themes at affordable prices. You can sell your themes for around $40 – $60 by creating your own website (or) listing on online platforms such as Theme Forest.

10. Sell your Photos


If you are fond of capturing every moment on your way as a photo, then you can make them convert into real money.

You can sell your photos online because photos are so demand materials online for many websites.

You can sell your photos and other digital media for money.

Some of the recommended sites are Shutterstock, Shutterfly, etc.

You can make a Google search to find many more similar sites where you can sell your photos and make money from your moments.

11. Do Some Online Jobs

If you are not satisfied with anyone above then you can do a search for genuine online jobs on the internet and choose between one and do it.

Online jobs such as

  • Data entry jobs
  • Ad posting
  • Proof Reading, etc

will pay you some decent cash every day.

12. Write E-books

Probably you are sure that you might be expertise in a field, and then you can write a book about it and sell it online as an e-book.

Because everyone uses to surf the internet for long hours every day and today many people turned to reading E-books rather than buying a book and dumping them in their homes.

If you wrote a book then you can sell it on Amazon.

13. Start a Youtube Channel

Making s short video of anything that sounds interesting and uploading it to YouTube is another best online money-making method.

YouTube is the world’s third-largest website where billions of people were uploading and watching videos every day.

Even you can create a tutorial video or something related to it.

Once your videos do receive hundreds of visits every day, you can then implement AdSense ad codes to make money from your videos.

14. Become a Domain Broker

For every business, a website is necessary.

A report says every day more than thousands of new domain searches happening in the website registry.

So you can make use of this. Just buy some domains that are found to be worth it and sell them for higher prices.

This process is called Domain Auction and already many millions using this model.

You can even sell a 10dollar domain name for 100dollar or even more.

15. Sell tutorial CDs

If you are a hardware expert probably you can create a How-To Tutorial video on such things and sell it for money.

If you know to repair a computer motherboard, then you can create a video on this and sell it online.

Everyone gains knowledge by overseeing videos on what they are seeking rather than learning theoretically.

So, selling videos might give you a decent income every day.

You can even post the video on YouTube and make money by monetizing your video.

16. Micro Jobs

Doing micro jobs is a nice online money making method, as it is a temporary task-based job that is available on the internet.

There is much work including:

  1. Content writing
  2. Data entry
  3. Form filling
  4. Image conversion
  5. Address finding and position marking
  6. Website design and modifications, etc.

Micro-tasking connects employers and workers from all over the world.

As an employer, you can have the freedom of choosing the right worker for a particular task,

As a worker, you can choose your employer and work.

Work at any time and any place.

Some of the best micro-tasking sites are:

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk,
  • Microworkers,
  • CrowdFlower,
  • ClixSense, etc.

All these sites do not require any investment to join and payments are 100% genuine on time via PayPal and Payza.


All these online money making ideas are suitable for people of different age groups. Anyone can start making money if they have a computer with an internet connection.

Many students and housewives were searching the internet every day to find genuine online sources to earn some additional money.

This article will be a great resource for them. Kindly share this article if you find the information useful.


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