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Top 20 Best Online Coupon Sites – Save Money on Every Purchase

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Save money by availing discounts, cash-back offers from online coupon sites.


Since with the growth of the Internet, people most likely to go online shopping. Do you know you can save money with online coupon sites?

They help you avail offers, discounts, cash-back on every successful online purchase at your favorite shopping website.

There are a wide variety of products you can buy online today, but what many people do not know is that you do not need to pay the price that is listed.

Top Online Coupon Sites

Shopping online is preferred by most of us as it is convenient and has lots of advantages such as coupon codes, promotional codes, and vouchers.

Coupon or promotional codes make it simple and is easy to get a discount at any online shopping sites.

These coupons and promotional codes help you to save lots of money and purchase additional items within your budget.

But why online shopping give out coupon codes? The ultimate purpose of the coupon codes is to get their business to grow.

Customers are attracted towards the coupons that the websites offer and which makes the buyer come repeatedly to their sites.


What is a Coupon? How can it be used?

Coupon codes are usually a short word or phrase, or sometimes they are a series of numbers which is used while shopping to get discounts.

Some sites provide coupon codes in their own sites, whereas some can be found in other coupon sites available online.

These online coupon sites are specially built for providing discounts on certain products of the retailers.

People love collecting these coupon codes to save money and also share with friends which is one type of promotional activity i.e referral to a friend.

So next time before going for purchasing online, do a coupon code research and save money effectively.


How to save money using online coupons?

1.) Prefer online coupons:

Always prefer online coupons rather than printed coupons or vouchers.

As you can use online coupons anytime on websites which is time-saving.

But printed vouchers can be redeemed at the specific store which is time-consuming.


2.) Keep Reminders:

Coupons are generated 3 times a month, so you can set a reminder or alert to get a notification without fail.


3.) Compare sites:

There are a lot of coupon sites that give you discounts and coupons for a particular product.

Its always better to check the competition and compare the price before you buy a product.


4.) Check for Expiration dates of Coupons:

The validity of coupons is very important. It has a certain deadline until when it is valid.

So check before using the coupons about its expiry dates.


5.) Avoid Shared coupons:

Usually, the shared coupons are expired ones and will not work.

Do not waste your time in using shared coupons.


Top 20 Online Coupon Sites:

Now let us see the list of sites which offers a free coupon on every purchase.

These coupons can be used on the later purchase and save money through discounts, compliments, etc.


1.) CouponTrends:

Coupon Trends

Coupontrends got started in January 2014, and one of the famous coupon website which has gained quite a popularity in recent years.

It offers a variety of coupons which can be used in restaurants, during travel, and at shopping Websites.

With the emerging economy, people have learned to save even a single penny using online coupons, as the price of each product is increasing day by day.

You can use the promo codes and online coupons at various online websites during checkout and you will be getting a discount.

The only thing you need to check is the validity period, within which you need to purchase it.


2.) Shop pirate:

Shop Pirate

At shop pirate, you need to search for your favorite stores, grab the offers or discount they are offering.

Apply the offer on checkout and save your money instantly.

The shop pirate helps its users to look for the hottest and latest deals running online.

You can stay tuned with them to get notification of deals to your mail or mobile.


3.) My Tokri:

MyTokri is one of the top online shopping coupon portals in India.

They provide the hottest selling retailers and cash efficient deals that can save a lot of money.

They have around 200+ best retailers and provide best deal plans each day.

MyTokri believes in customer satisfaction and relationship policy which has given them success.

As they do not compromise on the quality of the products, they are very cautious about negative feedback from the customer.

They send email alerts to all the customers for latest deals and keep them engaged and also you can subscribe to their RSS feed and newsletter to get updates on deals.


4.) FreeCouponIndia:

Free Coupon India

Freecouponindia.in popular for an exclusive collection of products under several categories and from different brands at the most reasonable and effective prices.

The shopping sites offer tempting deals to customers.

The prices are easily affordable and thus makes the customer repeatedly visit the website.


5.) CouponDunia:

coupon dunia

The CouponDunia was founded in 2010 with its headquarter in Mumbai. It receives 5.2 million monthly visits with more than 2000+ brands across.

They have a wide range of offers, coupons, and discounts from top online brands and websites.

Cashback features, price comparison feature makes it opted by a huge number of customers.


6.) Couponzguru:

Couponz Guru

The Couponzguru was founded by Mr.Vikash Khetan in 2011.

It offers a great coupon and deals offers and is known for its simplicity.

We can apply for coupons easily here and we get a greater success rate. The website is very simple and easy to navigate.

It is regularly updated and offers great deals often.


7.) CouponRaja:

Coupon Raja

Follow simple steps below to avail discounts at Coupon Raja.

  1. Visit https://www.couponraja.in and search for famous stores like amazon etc
  2. Choose the category and relevant deal for that particular product.
  3. Click on the get coupon code to get the code.
  4. Paste the code at the checkout page once the items have been added to cart.
  5. Avail the discounted price and get alerts on mail for further updates.

They are engaged with top dealers and get you top deals expected by customers.

Customers tend to get extra cash back on their purchases.

It brings all the famous online shopping websites at one place and does not allow its users to go anywhere else. A single platform for all your saving needs.


8.) GreatBuyz:

Great Buyz

GreatBuyz is a great platform which brings all the shopping information you need at your fingertips.

It acts like a shopping genie which always helps to save and purchase better.

Greatbuyz brings you coupons from the best companies which can be used both online and offline.

We can save huge and we get various discounts, vouchers, coupon codes and promo codes for shopping online.

You can also avail gift cards option that can be implemented on famous brands.

Integration with PayTM is possible and you can shop with shoppers like pantaloons, lifestyle, Nykaa, etc.

Payless and enjoy more by saving money with great buys.


9.) Amazon Coupons:


Amazon is the most popular online shopping website where most of the Indians shop.

In order to enjoy additional savings, there is an option of “collect coupons” button, that will be saved to your account.

Once you add an item to a cart, the discount is automatically applied at the checkout page.

We can expect 10-20% discount coupons and even more during festive seasons.

So keep a watch on Amazon coupons to save more.


10.) Deal News:

Deal news offers new deals to a customer on a daily basis.

The customer can actually differentiate between normal and profitable deals.

They show offers from reputed companies at the lowest price and usually, they ban the stores from having bad customer service.

Hence we can trust the Deal news, which provides expert advice whenever we need them.

It is one of the top most visited websites and millions of customers each month.


11.) RetailMeNot:

RetailMeNot is one of the leading savings destinations that influences many people to purchase and save money through it.

By connecting partners with their active, engaged shopping audience, they gain growth for more than 70K brands globally.

The RetailMeNot website is dedicated to delivering a promotional solution which includes coupon codes, cash back offers, discount gift cards.


12.) CoupoNation:

This site “CoupoNation” is found in 2012 and get supported by 20000 online stores online.

It is known to as a clever place to save your money as they are one of the leading online platforms that help users to get the best offers to save while online shopping.

They collect all available coupons, discounts, and deals from online stores into one website for their customers to save efficiently on their day to day online shopping.

The CoupoNation is a part of a global saving group which is the leading commerce content platform. You can set alerts to get frequent alerts related to deals.


13.) MyDala:

Mydala helps us getting the city’s hottest shopping deals, discounts, and offers.

You can integrate your mobile with the app and get deal alerts at your mobile.

Also, MyDala gives you a large number of vouchers when you place a  bulk order.

You need to register yourself at MyDala with the further verification process.

You can also gist your vouchers to your friends if required.


14.) ShopAtHome:

At ShopAtHome, they help us find great deals and Cash Back offers on the purchases you make every time.

They have built a powerful online shopping solution which shows you the best deals and cash back offers by more than 4000+ retailers all over the world.

You sign up, shop and start getting your cash back.

Once the sign-up process completes, you can find deals and cash back offers from a number of Stores on ShopAtHome.


15.) India Free Stuff:

India Free Stuff

As the name suggests, India Free Stuff offers many free coupons that you can get for free.

You can get the lower price if you use their coupons and they are a much reliable site to trust from.

They compete with other coupon websites and provide the best offers they can than others.

All you need to do is enter the codes when you shop online at check out page.


16.) Ebates:

Found in 1999, Ebates has gained popularity around the world and is known for giving cash back for shopping purchases.

You can get nearly 50% cash back based on the store and currently, they have supported over 3000 stores from where you can choose from.

They have introduced apps for customer benefits.

You can also send your cashback to the favorite charitable trust.


17.) Groupon:

Groupon is one of the most worldwide known coupon site, which is active in 15 countries and 500+ markets globally.

It has a great history of customer satisfaction and ranked as the top 5 e-commerce brand in the USA.

They have also launched an Android and IOS app for easy access to deals.

Groupon gives high priority to customer satisfaction and works for them to hold the customers.


18.) Coupons.com:

Coupons Dot Com

The Coupons Website help in connecting millions of valuable customers with various brands and retailers.

They put their passion and technology to work and thereby succeed in their business.

When you go to their site, you’ll see scores of coupons offering money savings on nearly every product you could imagine.

They have options like holiday coupons and a deal of the day coupon which drags customers to their site.


19.) FreeKaaMaal:

Freekamaal is a popular website that helps people save money online.

They search for the best deals and offers from various retailers and give it to shoppers.

Customers are able to make better shopping decisions and can save more using deals and offers.

It’s a one-stop solution for the lowest prices, discount coupons, availing freebies or contest giveaways.

FreeKaaMaal has more than 2 lakh unique visitors each month.


20.) Flamingo World:

Flamingo world is a free service coupon site and there is no need for a user to register or share personal information.

They have two types of coupons used here, Code-based coupon and Link based coupon.

In code-based, the customer enters the code at the checkout page.

In link based, the customer uses the link of the retailer using a flamingo world link.

People can sign up for getting deal alerts and they also allow for a printable coupon which you can print and can be redeemed at the wide range of retailers.



Well, all of us love shopping and that too online shopping as it has lots of benefits.

We can choose from a number of products from a large number of retailers at any time.

We get many offers, discounts, coupon codes and vouchers from various shopping sites as well as dedicated online coupon sites recommended above.

These codes help us to save money and enjoy shopping even more.

Everyone loves saving money and if these online coupon websites help us to save our precious money then everyone would obviously like to avail that.

Think before shopping next time and do not pay more if you have an option to reduce it.

Have a wonderful shopping with lots of coupon codes to save your money !!!!


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