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Sep 17, 2018

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A Complete SEMrush Review, one of the best SEO Tool for Bloggers.


Hello Everyone, SEO is an important element in the Digital Marketing Industry, among SEMrush all-in-one SEO software occupies the top position.

I am writing this article which is about SEMrush Review which helps you determine the importance and usefulness of this software.

The Internet has given us many powerful and effectual tools and one of them is the SEMrush.

Semrush Review

Yes, the list of the most powerful tools provided by the deity, internet, cannot be completed without SEMrush.

It is not just a tool but can prove a redeemer or a savior for your collapsing business. Freshers can achieve hallmarks in entrepreneurship with SEMrush.

This is a very competitive decade and you cannot survive in this global world with ill content.

But the SEMrush can help you to take proper precautions and actions for the betterment of your business, brand or site.


1.) About SEMrush:

This article about SEMrush review will give you a detailed picture about this software.

SEMrush is an SEO software and tool which acts as a touchstone for your website and its content.

It analyzes different sections and most importantly the content of your website.

The SEMrush tool also helps you in the promotion of your website in a much wiser way.

This tool also provides a number of services to make your website search engine optimized.

Competitors of SEMrush:

Recently, people were asked to vote on the most helpful tool for SEO.

SEMrush was ranked at number #1 with the largest number of votes.

Though many SEO tools have been created, but still, SEMrush has kept its position high among them.

Its user – friendly features make it appealing for its users and customers. Many of the successful entrepreneurs use it for SEO and marketing.


2.) Why is SEMrush a necessary software for you?

The world has changed a lot now. To survive in the world full of opponents, you have to use as well as smart tools to lead your life.

Utilizing the time in a productive way and making better choices is the only way to survive here.

If you are in the field of technology, using age-old techniques is not going to help you.

Now search engines accept only powerful as well as effective content. You may remember the time when Google Panda came as an earthquake for many sites.

It had some very strict policies for the website owners and content developers and as a result, many websites were banned.

If you don’ t want to be the one in the future, then SEMrush can be your rescuer.

SEMrush helps you in the achievement of your missions and aspirations through its amazing features.

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3.) What type of People use SEMrush?

The SEMrush is a powerful pioneer tool which can help in the ranking of your site. This juggernaut has many features which observe your site content.

You can use this valuable information to upgrade your site to the next step. SEMrush can be used by many people belonging to different fields, for example:

1.) Bloggers:

Many successful bloggers who making money can use SEMrush for the effective elevation of their site.

With the help of SEMrush, bloggers were able to take efficacious measures for the propagation of your site.

SEMrush help bloggers to make changes to their content and make it according to SEO.


2.) Entrepreneurs:

SEMrush is the most helpful tool for the entrepreneurs in the promulgation of their products.

It gives them different features to spread their business throughout the globe.

SEMrush helps them to update their business and make alterations according to the ongoing trends.


3.) Digital Marketers:

Marketing is the basic requirement to let your audience know about your brands.

The SEMrush is the handy tool for the marketers since the marketers are the right hand for the entrepreneurs.

It is the most trusted tool of marketers all over the world.


4.) SEO Experts:

It is difficult to keep updated with the ever-changing SEO trends.

Trends may change every minute, and making modifications according to them is necessary.

SEO experts use SEMrush to keep them updated about these trends.

They use SEMrush to keep themselves toe to toe with other eligible competitors.


4.) Where is SEMrush Available?

SEMrush is available on its official site for people who want to use it. It’s not a free tool but it’s not much costly.

Different versions of this software are available at different prices.

You can also use SEMrush pro free for 14 days to understand and learn its features.


5.) Purpose of SEMrush:

SEMrush is a suggestive tool which provides you with different benefits in different ways.

It has many commendable and appealing features to help you in the better ranking among your rivals.

Major functions of SEMrush are:

5.1.) SEO Dashboard

5.2.) Keyword analytics

5.3.) Domain analytics

5.4.) Topic Research

5.5.) Site Audit

5.6.) Projects

Now let’s discuss them in detail one by one.


5.1.) SEO Dashboard:

SEO Dashboard

SEO dashboard provides a quick analytics report about your opponents.

You can use this report to make effective alterations to your site.

It works in the following ways:

i.) The SEMrush dashboard tells you about the visits to yours and your opponent’s site, unique visits, bounce rate, and traffic rank.

ii.) By connecting the Google Analytics to SEO dashboard, you can also see the real ranking of your site on Google.


5.1.1.) Keyword Analytics Feature:

SEMrush is most popularly known and recognized for its keyword analyzing feature.

Keywords are responsible for the proper and categorized ranking of your content by the respective search engine.

If qualitative keywords are not used, your audience may not be able to reach your content.


5.2.2.) How SEMrush Analyze Keywords?

SEMrush works as follows :

1. To search for the quality of your keywords, enter your primary or focus keywords into the search bar.

2. After searching, SEMrush will show you these:

a.) Volume searches: This feature tells you that how many people actually searched this keyword.

b.) Relevant Keywords: SEMrush gives you a number of other keywords related to your keywords.

c.) Competition: Now the most important thing here is competition. It needs a brief description as well as importance.

When you enter your respective keywords, SEMrush tells you that how many people searched that keyword before you.

It tells you the competition for that keyword at that required time. Now you have to remember one thing, try to use that keyword which shows less competition.

If one keyword is used by many people, it may not prove good for your site. It means that you will have to face more rivals for this keyword.

This is more important for newbies as they are not familiar with the tactics and methods.

Suppose you enter a keyword: How to lose fat?

After clicking on the search button, it will give you complete details about the research.

The information would be like:

Organic Search Volume: 6.6 k

Number of Results: 683M

Paid Search Competition: 0.50

Related keywords or the keywords which match to the specific phrase.

It will also show you the trends of that particular keyword and then some links related to your keyword. 

Keyword Difficulty:

Next, it allows you to calculate the percentage of difficulty in your keyword. To do this, click on “keyword difficulty” which will show the difficulty in % and results in your related keyword.

Keyword Magical Tool: Keyword Magical tools is also related to keywords research.

After selecting it, you can enter domain, keyword etc. in the bar.

It requires certain information e.g. KD%, Words count, volume and then give you a list of many lengthy keywords.

worthy shout


5.2.) Domain Analytics Feature:

Domain Analytics

The Domain is a subdivision of the Internet consisting of computers or sites usually with a common purpose.

Domain analytics allows you to have to review of your domain.

It helps you get an insight of the weaknesses of yours or your competitor’s site.


5.2.1.) How SEMrush Analyzes your Domain?

Name of your domain can also help you in the better ranking.

There are many successful blogs and websites which change their domains frequently to keep them updated.

To know about your domain, follow these steps:

1.) Firstly, enter your domain in the empty bar.

2.) Now SEMrush will start processing and after some seconds, it will provide you with some statistics about the domain:

i.) SEMrush Rank: SEMrush ranks different sites according to their content and other features. You can use this ranking to make betterments in your business or site.

ii.) Keywords: Every blog has some keywords for its identification. SEMrush displays the number of keywords for our domain.

ii.) Traffic Cost: To rank higher and higher among your rivals, you need traffic.

This traffic is achieved by making modifications and being constantly updated about the ongoing trends.

SEMrush gives you the required information about your traffic and its cost.

Now, let’s take an example for better understanding. Suppose you enter the domain

It will start processing and then it will show you this.

Traffic: 41.7 k

SEMrush Rank: 12.1 k

Keywords: 4.4 k

Traffic Cost: $17 k

Main organic Competitors: and many others.

It will also show a pie chart of organic keywords and organic search positions.

Domain analytics feature also gives you valuable information about your domain rank and traffic analytics.


5.3.) Topic Research:

Topic Research tool was developed to help content strategists find the most popular articles on the Web for a specific keyword in no time.

Just type a keyword, selected area, and language and then click on get content ideas.

SEMrush will give you concepts and ideas for your niche article.

The headings or ideas are shown in the form of cards. It also shows you a mind map for your related keywords.

E.g. If you enter the keyword “bitcoin”, it will show you “Bitcoin wallet”, “How to get bitcoins” and “Federal Reserves”.

By clicking on the Favourite Ideas, you can also know about the backlinks.


5.4.) Site Audit:

With SEMrush, you can conduct the SEO – evaluation of your site.

It has a number of tools which help to analyze the effectiveness of your site and fix issues related to SEO.

It also keeps a check on the security and safety of your site.

With the amazing audit tool, you can make your site more favorable to SEO.

It helps to do it in the following ways:

  1. It helps in analyzing the effectiveness of the links of your site.
  2. Proper Meta tags, titles, H1 tags can be added at suitable places.
  3. It also adds alt images to the content of your site.
  4. Semrush site audit tool also detects the duplicate content pages to improve the Google ranking of your site.
  5. By taking the right measures, it helps in driving more traffic to your site.
  6. Projects

Seo Projects allow you to organize effective campaigns with the help of different tools.

By launching these projects, you can market your business online in a much better way.


Other Important Widgets (SEMrush Review):

There are different widgets available for the SEO purpose. Let us read what are those tools to automate your SEO?

i.) On page SEO checker: It suggests effective ways to improve the ranking of your site by making changes according to SEO.

It gives you ideas about SEO, semantically words related to your site, backlinks etc.


ii.) Social media Poster: Nowadays social media is the most powerful tool for the marketing of your brand.

This tool helps to schedule your posts, tweets etc on different social media sites.

It helps to keep a reminder of the right time for posting on Facebook, Instagram or e-mailing to your customers.


iii.) Brand Monitoring: It helps to monitor a particular phrase or a word you wish to put on each article.

It helps to prioritize your brand in your articles and links as well as managing good relations with your valuable customers.


iv.) Link Building Tool: It helps to get potentially powerful links. By using a link building tool, you can gain new quality links for your site.


v.) Content Analyzer: The content analyzer analyzes the worth of your content. It checks if your content is optimized or not and also suggests modifications to make it rank better on Google.


vi.) Organic Traffic Insights: This tool helps to drive more traffic to your site.

It helps to observe incoming traffic and you can use this information to market your site in a more sensible way.

By using Google Analytics and Google console with SEMrush, you can improve your traffic strategies and techniques.


vii.) Blog Posts and Webinars: Blog posts and webinars are also conducted by SEO experts on SEMrush.

By carrying out suggested actions, you can make improvements to your brand or website.



So now you see, SEMrush is actually not just a tool. It is an expert, a teacher and an examiner too.

So, if you have not used it yet or have not affiliated with its amazing features, be sure to get your hands on it.

It will not only improve your site but will also help in skyrocketing the rank of your site gradually.

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