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Offline jobs for housewives from home without investment

Written by Devi and Updated on September 15, 2021  9 Comments ]

In this article, we are going to discuss Offline Jobs for Housewives, handpicked information from various resources

Today we will see different kinds of offline jobs for housewives that can be easily performed from their homes.

Almost every Indian female was educated and they are going for some office work before their marriage.

But the same female after her marriage and due to lots of family responsibilities was forced to stop going to a job.

Because she has to stay at home, look after her husband and her child. But today as the Internet developed a lot, every female can get a work-from-home opportunity to earn some additional revenue every month.

Offline Jobs for Housewives

Today there are many works from home opportunities are available (both online and offline) which can be easily done from home by a housewife or home mom.

Awareness of female education has also grown to a very great extent and even middle-class/poor family parents make their female child complete at least one UG degree.

Why Housewives are Looking for Job?

People thinking education will help their girl child to stand on her own leg even after marriage.

Thus increase in literacy among girls has reflected on the other side, that is most housewives and home moms were educated.

Before their marriage, they often go for a 9 – 5-day job either for the reason to support their family or save for their future.

But, after the marriage, the situation changes upside, that is to maintain her very own family, her husband’s family members have pushed her to drop her job.

Most of the daytime was spent looking after their family and provide all the needs as a wife, as a mother to both her children and husband.

So, to those respected housewives and home moms, I present this article that enriches the viable information about different offline jobs that can be done from the home.

Before going further, I ask you to read this article, online jobs for housewives.

Housewives need a part-time job to support their families and to fulfill their personal needs also.

Men Vs Women

Women can do a lot better than men.
They are better earners than the men.

Educated Women Vs Uneducated Women

In this world, some of the home moms are educated and some are uneducated. Educated women have fewer skills more than Uneducated women.

Education is not a necessary thing to get a job. Many women in our country are not educated but doing great in-home business.

For women who want to make a living for their family but are not able to do so, starting a small business will be advisable to earn money from home without spending a penny while taking care of their child.

In my previous article, I had to write about some of the online genuine part time jobs for educated housewives to harvest income sitting at home without spending any investment.

But now we will discuss some of the offline jobs for housewives suitable to both educated and uneducated sitting at home and earn a huge big income.

You just need to choose the right job for you depending on your comfort zone.

Ok, let me brief about these types of jobs which are suitable for home-moms inside in this article.

Advantages of Offline Jobs for Housewives

  • They can make a better income from home
  • Offline jobs save money, later they spend on their children and her family.
  • Housewives can take better care of their kids
  • Earning profitable income so they can help their husband to increase the family earnings

Now, take a look at the list of offline jobs for uneducated housewives while sitting at home without spending any investment.

Career Options for Housewives

1.) Taking tuition

2.) Tailoring work

3.) Offline data entry work

4.) Home-based catering business

5.) Network marketing


The title mentioning tuition does not mean any education only. Yes, everything comes under teaching even if you are an expert in handicraft, then you can conduct a tuition class.

Handicraft, artwork, painting, gardening, do not need a systematic education and a degree. There is no need to go to a college to obtain a course completion certificate.

It’s need only your experience and interest to perform well, show your talents etc. Either you can sell the outcome of the result, I mean byproduct of the work.

Or, you can conduct a tuition class every day to teach what you learned?

But if you are an educated woman, you can take part-time home tuition for children’s in your area this can make some amount every month. Simply sitting at home and teaching for students.

There is no risk and many housewives, home moms were doing this many many years to earn some extra revenue with available 2-3hrs daily.

Nowadays many of them are taking tuition. After getting married they are not able to work by going to an office or anywhere because of having family commitments.

When you need money for any of your personal expenses you either look for your husband for support, but if you do any offline work from home that will be very helpful to control your money problem.

In this work, we can able to make Rs.5000-6000 every month with minimal work.

For example:

Primary class:
Per student Rs.300/- For 5 students, we have to earn Rs.1250/- every month
Higher class:
Per student Rs.500/- For 5 students, we have to earn Rs.2500/- every month

1.) Uneducated women can conduct tuition on what they know? Handicraft, artwork, painting, gardening, etc.

2.) The only experience is needed to conduct tuition.

3.) If a woman is educated, she can conduct an academic educational tuition center.

4.) Both cases do not require investment to start. Even a room from your house is enough.


Tailoring jobs from home have always been popular with women.

Naturally, women having a creative mind, and are always fond of involving new creative work in their every aspect.

The dressing makes the most out of it and you can see every female is different in their dressing sense.

A tailor is a person who makes, repairs, or alters clothing professionally.

Are you well-mannered in stitching, then you can be able to take tailoring classes for children, home workers, or anyone else to be on that?

Not only a class, but you can also stitch, design normal clothes you wish, and sell them to the customers to earn a profitable income.

Many of the home moms are available to stitch clothes of various types of designs and earn a part-time income based on stitching the clothes.

A few such women entrepreneurs share their experiences about creating children’s clothes. Nowadays different types of cloth designs are available suited for men’s, women’s and even children’s also.

Start one tailor shop and stitching types of dresses with wonderful designs and sell them to the peoples and earn an income.

Just hire a 10×10 size room for monthly rental and purchase one or two sewing machines to start the work.


Offline data entry jobs from home are also a popular way to earn money offline sitting from home.

This type of offline job for housewives does not require an internet connection.

Moreover, most BPO’s don’t ask for capital investment for this offline data entry work.

They just require serious offline data entry workers, from home, who can work with accuracy without any grammatical or spelling mistake.

Easy Online Home Jobs, seeks creative, knowledgeable content writers based at home. Kindly visit this page to get more information and reach us via Email or Whatsapp.

Note: The content writer must have good English knowledge.

Many types of genuine data entry jobs are available both online and offline. But you should take the necessary attention before choosing genuine data entry jobs.

So, you should read this article Mistakes to avoid in choosing online jobs from home.

1.) Freelancer

2.) Upwork

3.) MTurk


This is the most awesome offline job for housewives and home moms because no one can compete with the cooking legacy of Indian housewives.

Do you enjoy cooking for others?

Are you the responsible person for cooking for your family events and holidays?

Are you passionate about Cooking?

You can turn that passion into profits by starting a home-based catering business.

In fact, you can start a catering business from home absolutely with no money and you don’t even need an office.

There is no entry barrier to opening a catering business. In fact, even a student can do this business without any hitch.

Catering is all about providing cooking or food services at strategic places such as hotels, public houses, events, weddings, and parties, or other locations; based on a contract.

This business can be run at home full or part-time and earn between $30000 more a year. Many catering start-ups succeed by conquering a niche; focusing on a particular food.

You can start part-time, working only on weekends, and then expand to full-time as you get clients.

In this business, you have unlimited growth potential.

i.) Finding your catering niche

ii.) Securing your space and supplies

iii.) Setting up your business

This is one of those businesses that don’t need much marketing or advertising.

They always have a steady flow of clients through referrals and word-of-mouth marketing done by satisfied customers.


Network marketing is one of the other best offline jobs for housewives available for people who like to work on their own terms.

The world economist Mr. Paul Zane Pilzer, in his research paper, announced that “for the next 40Years the most profitable industry will be the one and that is Network Marketing”.

Even, the present American president, Mr. Donal Trump, was a successful network marketer.

There are many old companies like Amway, Herbalife, Indus viva, etc. which are popular & have good products but everyone knows about these companies so it’s hard to convince people to join your team.

It is a very profitable business from home and earns the best income to manage their family financially. By doing these businesses is helpful for your husband to get off from an overall financial burden.

In today’s networking system there are lots of online and offline part-time jobs available to work from home without spending money.

1.) First, choose the company and research their product or services. Then, Google them to reveal their reputation.

2.) Most companies offer free registration as directed by Government. So, there wouldn’t be a burden to get enrolled with them.

3.) First few days, educate yourself about the various product they deal with, and then start the business.

Last Thoughts

I Hope, I have turned your time very useful to educate you with some knowledge about different offline jobs for housewives and stay-at-home moms.

The internet has the opportunity for every people at all levels, and only the requirement is you should have an interest and passion to earn online.

If you find this article more useful, then your best complement will be the one that is social shares.

Support me to spread my thoughts and connect me through the comment section here.

Do you have run any successful offline business, let me know.


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  1. Hello sir/Madam … Main house wife hu aur main Kolkata me pehle Rehti thi but Abhi Durgapur me sift hui ho.. Kolkata me m.k. sons ka saree lacer ka work Karti thi jo ki order ka hota tha plz mujhe kuch aise related koi work chaiye…. Thankyou

  2. Hi ma’am I am sweety Sharma staying in Kalyan East and now i delivered a baby so is searching for a job by sitting at home I have done Bsc. B.Ed in maths and science. Now I want to take tuition class for all subjects.can you help me for that as I can’t go out of the house till six months due to my baby

    1. I have already mentioned some ideas where you can start today for making some additional money. Probably this information sounds useful for you.

    1. Hello Geeta,
      I have written the necessary information answering your question. Kindly go through it.

  3. I need a job I am educated but I want an offline job like paper bags making or chocolate packing but I don’t know who give this kind of work and I don’t know who should I contact

    1. Hello Thanushree,
      You should find the classified section in your local newspaper to get the details because this can’t be published nation wide…

  4. My wife is an Inter pass out. She wants to work from home, but can’t find suitable work. She is a good cook. As you suggest for a catering job, maybe this job is suitable for my wife, but how can we find the customer? Is any app or agency that help us? plz suggest.

    1. You have to find local customers directly through Display Advertisements, Newspaper publications, etc. Slowly you have to expand your business.

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