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What is Freelance Writing? How to Become a Freelance Writer?

Written by Devi and Updated on September 5, 2021  1 Comments ]

With a large scope in online marketing, become a freelance writer for a great income:

Freelance writing is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with company owners who may know how to operate their own company but are not authors?

What’s all about an author and how to become a freelance writer?

Many people were searching for ways to break into freelance writing (work from home). You can work anywhere and at any anytime as a remote writer.

Become a Freelance Writer

Working as a freelancer is a great way to earn extra cash and make a living. There are countless possibilities for even a novice writer with the invention of the internet.

In online there are many freelance jobs are available and these will be revealed by a successful search.

There are some rules to follow for the absolute beginner to guarantee a healthy opportunity for success.

In this article, I am going to guide you on how to jumpstart this business as your career.

What is Freelance Writing?

A Freelance Writer is defined as a person who works as a content writer on a self-employed basis.

Typically, as a freelancer, you can work for more than one client and get paid per writing or as a batch of assignments.

There are many ways you can offer service as a freelance content writer.

Freelance Blogger: Focus on reaching bloggers and ask for a chance to write content for blog posts.

Content Writer: Work as a writer for different types of content such as White Paper, Ebooks, etc.

SEO Writer: Focus on delivering search engine friendly and optimized content to improve site ranking.

Ghost Writer: Provide writing services for Ebooks, blog posts, web content as a silent author.

SEO Copywriter: This is also similar to SEO writer, but works in a different way.

Content Strategist: Focus on creating new content and managing the existing content.

Professional Writer: If you work in different areas as explained above, you can officially call yourself a professional writer.

How to Start as a Freelance Writer?

Freelance writing, in the beginning, does not necessarily lead to large paydays.

If you have a regular job, write on the side, at night, or on weekends until you can create enough customers to help your economic requirements.

Develop a partnership with other authors freelance. By merely posting on Facebook, Linked In, and the like, you can be discovered on the internet.

If issues arise, experienced freelancers can be of great assistance to you.

The salary is not fantastic, but it gives you a legitimate source from which to draw themes and gives you much-needed experience.

Finetune your Writing with Content Mill

Content mills are excellent experiences to obtain if you’ve used content mills, be sure to write as well as possible. Make sure you put together an article in grammar and spelling.

Their evidentiary readers will criticize your job and may ask you to rewrite the article several times until you are satisfied with it.

This can be a class of writing and will assist you to enhance your writing.

Buying a nice dictionary with a thesaurus in one book is a good idea. Also, a nice book of grammar is a wise purchase.

Learn about and what social media entails as this is a relatively fresh avenue for company individuals.

You’ll learn from these internet freelance employment where you’ll understand that social media is the wave of the present, not the future.

In closing, best wishes for your achievement in attaining your objective of writing.

It can be a steady learning experience and you will never get bored if you really appreciate the writing.

The most important thing is to maintain writing!

How Much do Content Writers Get Pay?

Freelance Writing Pay Chart

You can earn from a few cents to a few hundred dollars per month by working as a freelance content writer.

This is a great way to earn a decent monthly revenue working from your home or during your travel.

An experienced writer can write up to 1000 words per hour.

Normally the freelance writers get paid in two ways: 1.) Hourly Wages, 2.) Pay Per Word.

The average hourly pay for a writer is Rs. 200 per hour and you can do the math.

If you have been paid for pay per word, then the salary will be Rs. 30p to Rs.2 per word.

Content writer is responsible for the creative writing, editing, and publishing of the various blog posts and articles.

Always maintain a friendly connection with your customers. If you can make them happy, multiply your likelihood of being hired by them.

Many times, employers also understand and can advise you to other employers. So you’ll never have to work on a shortage of projects.

As you acquire experience, be sure to raise your prices. You’ll be surprised to learn that employers are willing to pay beautiful quantities to individuals who are able to provide a timely quality job.

Job Description of a Content Writer

Content Writers are the ones who are responsible for creative writing and publishing. They work in various industries both marketing, manufacturing, and technical fields.

Usually, the writers were assigned a task to write about a topic, a series of steps to follow for an actionable plan. Writing compelling content includes well research, collecting and gathering required data, and relevant facts.

With the material in hand, let’s start to write a draft, then revise by collaborating with other writers. Now do editing and proofreading to ensure the quality and the context of the article.

Different types of content are ads, emails, websites, blogs, papers, articles, and/or social media posts.

The content writer usually has at least a degree from a relevant field, a good communication skill, English, and marketing knowledge is necessary.

It is, therefore, necessary to keep current with the latest industrial standards to develop creative content.

How to Be a Successful Writer?

You need to create proposals (apps, basically) for the jobs available on your selected freelancing site to get a job.

This is generally followed by a profile showing the feedback you got from past customers, your prices, and prior job samples.

You need to fill in several parts. It’s essential to get this right – particularly if you’re a skilled writer because it’s the most significant sample you’ll ever give to a potential client in many respects.

1. Show off

Don’t be scared to include citations from their feedback in the introductory paragraph to name the customers you’ve worked with within the past.

It promotes customers to take you seriously by demonstrating you have comprehensive experience.

2. Get Excellent Feedback

Even if you write the greatest profile in the world if you have a lengthy history of one-star and two-star feedback parts.

No one will pay attention – so go slow at first and do every task perfectly.

3. Ask for Testimonial

If at the start of your freelancing career you manage to get loads of five-star feedback.

It will become easier and easier to pick up fresh jobs. The first few weeks are always the most difficult.

4. Say About Yourself to Them

Just because you work remotely doesn’t imply you’re going to have to be impersonal.

If you’re great at playing the bassoon, trained as a pilot, or you’re a gold medal archer, don’t be scared to find yourself fun, friendly, and engaging.

The customers on freelancing locations you will discover are rarely stuffy and enjoy a nice character.

5. Get verified

It’s extremely unlikely you’ll meet most of your customers, making it hard for them to check your credentials.

Fortunately, by reviewing your skills and geographical place, many freelancing sites can do this on your behalf.

Once you’ve finished that, next to your name, you’ll get a large, shiny tick.

6. Keep it Brief

Bearing in mind all of the above, make a concerted effort to keep your profile accurate and timely.

If a client has 10 potential providers shortlisted, they do not want to read every time a 2,000-word profile.

Boil down your website to the most significant points and choose the samples included in your portfolio thoroughly.

7. Check your Spelling and Grammar

Even the slightest typo undermines your credibility, particularly if you are fighting for an editing job.

It sounds like an apparent pointer, but how many individuals are not making the effort to give their profile a thorough proofread would surprise you!

How to Become a Freelance Writer?

4 Steps to Start your Writing Career

Freelance writing of content can be both part-time and full-time as an interesting career.

It can be pursued by moms, students, and even experts working at home who want to create some additional revenue.

There’s no shortage of writing jobs around the globe and if you can deliver high-quality content, you should get a nice revenue in no moment.

But along the manner, there are also some pitfalls. Only two types of people can be good content writers.

Person 1: A person with the ability of creative thinking and drafting his/her thoughts into words.

Person 2: A person with good credentials from the outside world.

You can develop your skills in the following areas including writing procedures, editing, content management, English language, and proofreading, etc.

1. Create a Writer Profile in Freelancing Portals

Fiverr for Content Writing

Just sit and Google to find some freelance writing websites that are looking for content writers from home.

Learn some knowledge about the salary, how to write a better post, what kinds of jobs to choose?

Every business online, it’s not a matter of either a big corporate or a startup company, content is needed for everyone.

Hence, it is very easy to find your clients easily on the market. This might may take some time to find the people wanting your services.

But definitely with constant search and approaching your clients may get you a long term work from home.

Check out some reviews before signing up to find out how nice the website is?

Most of these websites enable free registration. But some may ask to become a member for a tiny fee.

Considering the website’s popularity, you can also pay to join. You need to select the abilities you possess once you’ve joined.

Choosing them closely is very crucial as you will receive work notifications and offers based on these abilities.

2. Create Your Own Portfolio

Creating Writing Portfolio

You need to persuade the employer that you are the best individual for this job while bidding for a job.

It’s going to be hard as a beginner, but never impossible.

Create a successful sales pitch that includes what you can do, why you are a credible individual, and what added value you can offer to your employer?

Do not be greedy while deciding on the quantity to be charged. But it’s not fair to ask too low.

The thumb rule is to ask for a little less than the skilled authors who bid for the job. It’s going to boost your opportunities.

Always go for alternatives for partial payment. The industry has many fake employers. Check their ratings too to be secure from them.

After finishing a certain proportion of the work, ask for some payment and take the remainder once it’s done.

Thus, after completing the work, you can avoid the danger of receiving no payment.

Always go to the website that supplied you with the work for payment. That way, if the employer chooses to betray you, you get some security.

Hone your writing abilities, last but most importantly. Read up and exercise a lot on the recent writing techniques. Nothing can substitute dedication and a quality job.

You will definitely enhance over time as you maintain writing and getting employment. Make sure your abilities are updated as you keep learning fresh abilities.

3. Have an Online Presence

Social Media Presence

Getting online always is the hardest part for a lot of people who wish to become freelance writers.

Your online presence is your main essence in getting hired by most employers. I suggest you create an account on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Keep publishing your portfolio, recent work on these social media to grab attention from the common audience.

Someone will approach you and hire you for their purpose. Another way to start your own service-based blog specifically mentioning your writing profession.

A blog is the best place to start attracting clients and to begin with high-paying jobs instead of chasing one.

4. Start Pitching

Once you are ready with everything like your own service blog, portfolio, then start pitching. Your first pitch should be something that tells about yourself, who you are, and what you do?

How can you help someone with your service? Create a short pitch that portrays your sound knowledge in content writing enough to convince the reader.

Now, start pitching on social media sites as described above and reach out to freelance writing sites.

A simple way is to find clients on Google because of the high demand for writers, 90 out of 100 sites are wanting for writers.

Collect their contact email and start sending personalized emails to get a chance. Repeat every day to find more new clients.


It’s quite simple to decide to begin a freelance writing career. It’s harder to achieve enduring freelance writing success.

It can be hard to find a constant job as a freelancer, particularly at the start.

In order to remain ahead of the contest, freelance authors must constantly look for a job and encourage themselves.

While freelance writing can sometimes be stressful, it is a career worth the effort.

An online freelance writer is an artist or journalist self-employed who sells services as an uncommitted autonomous writer.

Writing expertise is the most challenging change in the industry of Freelance.

When it comes to the Internet, websites and blogs have been introduced to support everything, and the need for new and meaningful material has raised freelance writer employment to the top!!!

So, Why waiting, Choose your option to be a freelance writer!!!


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