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Top 10 Easy Startup Business Ideas for College Students

Written by Devi and Updated on May 13, 2021  0 Comments ]

Let us discuss startup business ideas suitable for students.

Hello friends, today I am going to share an article to teach you about the various easy startup business ideas to earn money as a college student.

A study shows that most students who study college do not have prominent financial sources to manage their studies.

One cannot deny the importance of money because it is the most necessary thing that we require. Just like you need food to live similarly you need money to survive.

Most college students in India feel the urge to earn on their own, however little it is, to be able to take care of their own needs.

Easy Startup Business Ideas

Be it buying a present for a friend’s birthday, or catching a blockbuster movie in the first week of its release, or indulging in a lavish dinner on the weekend, it often becomes crucial to make some money on your own.

Saving money is not enough when you have some big expenses on your agenda, more so as a college student. Sooner or later you are going to feel the need to do something to increase the influx of wage.

Campus life is not as easy as it may appear. Pressure from parents, stressful classes, and social anxieties all contribute to the struggle that the over 20 million Indian college students endure.

But above all those strains lies the overwhelming weight of student loan debt, about $35,051 on average per 2015 grad.

I am a College Student and I Need Money? Why?

As we know Money makes many things, it is difficult to sustain without money as it is mandatory in our everyday life.

To live a happy life, you need money. You cannot imagine your life without money and therefore it is important to have a proper balance between your expenses and wage.

College students depend on their parents for their day-to-day expenses. It’s not suitable for most cases. Parents satisfy their son/daughter’s major needs but they are not supporting their everyday needs.

Hence, every college student should find some easy startup business ideas to earn some income satisfying their basic needs it is the correct way for that today situation.

Possible Spending Money Types:

  • Clothing
  • Entertainment
  • Food (eating out, ordering pizza, coffee to go, which may not be included in the food budget for the year)
  • Gas or public transportation
  • Cell phone
  • Activities such as a soccer club, a dance class, or gym membership
  • Gifts
  • Textbooks and school supplies
  • Electronics (including a computer)
  • Travel allowance (to come home for Thanksgiving, etc.)

Experimentation and iteration teach that there are many opportunities to start earning money in college life.

Some websites recommend working in a store or restaurant.

While this trend is not so famous in India as a way to increase income for a college student, you can go for it if you really want to earn currency.

Try to convince your parents by telling them it is just a way by which you can earn money to be able to afford things without having to ask them for it.

You can apply for a job at McDonald’s or other eating outlets and fix working hours according to your college schedule.

This will allow you to earn a good amount of bucks besides getting you a chance to get free or discounted food as well.

Easy Startup Business Ideas for College Students:

But those are native methods where most college students follow. But we are living in an age, where computers and the Internet do everything.

So there are lots of earning opportunities are available on the Internet and most necessarily students can make use of Internet technology to earn money.

Here in this session, further, I am going to share the easy startup business ideas suitable for students to earn while studying in their college.

1.) Sell Other People’s Products:

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a passive income. You can find products to share via your social media platforms, website, or through an email blast.

When somebody purchases a product, you will be paid a 20-70% commission of the sold product value. This way helps to get more profit.

Even after I completed my college studies, I started this Affiliate Marketing business with a blog and currently I am making sufficient income every month.

The best sites I recommend are Amazon, Flipkart, ShareASale etc.

2.) Sell your Craft:

Students usually have lots of extracurricular talents like doing handmade items, crafts, utilities, etc., and few students were earning money using these additional talents.

A lot of students choose to use their art for earning money. If you are good at arts and crafts, you can sell handmade, customized cards to people.

You will find a large customer base in your college itself and you can use college events to explore your talent for making money.

3.) Create an Online Course on Udemy:

Few people create an online course digitally based on their knowledge and selling for money.

I think selling knowledge is the key to increase the income for a college student in a world of growing entrepreneurs.

We need to be able to do it all, and online education is growing and expanding every day with new students waiting to learn what you know?

So teach them and earn money while doing it through an online course on a site like Udemy, an easy startup business idea for college students.

4.) Create Your Own YouTube Channel (Vlog):

If you are fun and creative, and not afraid of public speaking, you can post videos on Youtube, and get paid by monetizing ads on your videos.

You can shoot any kind of video such as educational videos, DIY videos, cooking videos, fun videos, entertainment videos, etc.

If your video goes viral among many people, you could generate a profit immensely in a short time frame. Not to mention, you could obtain money indefinitely from those videos!

5.) Create and Sell T-Shirts Online:

Nowadays, anyone can create and sell t-shirts online, even with minimal design skill and absolutely no screen-printing know-how.

You can create designs on t-shirt marketplaces that do it all for you, upload designs to print-on-demand vendors who drop-ship orders for you, or even sell tees that you print and ship yourself via your own online store.

Though there are other online part-time jobs available for college students, designing T-shirts is a kind of easy startup business idea that will help improve income for a college student a bit more.

6.) Earn Income Producing Websites on Flippa:

Want to earn money passively online without having to create your own website and build traffic from scratch? Flippa an online marketplace with thousands of websites for sale, many of which are already earning consistent, passive income.

Take Great Pictures & Sell them at IStockPhoto.

If you normally enjoy taking pictures or already have a huge collection of good-quality photos that you personally took, you can cash in on them by selling them online.

Many bloggers and business owners are looking for high-quality true images for their online content and hence there is a great demand for this method of income for a college student.

There is no need to invest any big money to buy expensive cameras and photo editing tools.

If you have a smartphone with at at-least an 8MP camera is enough to shoot an HQ picture and edit with Adobe Photoshop.

7.) Create a Mobile App:

Mobile apps are made to help make lives and tasks easier, to develop skills, or to entertain. There are all kinds of apps catering to different user profiles.

As almost every individual owning a smartphone or an Android gadget, you can make a lot of money by developing and selling your own mobile app.

Just to give you some ideas, you can simply create a small money-making android application and a list of Google Play Store.

8.) Do Online Internships:

While you study, you can side by side look for any intern opportunities in your core subject. Many companies nowadays looking for intern students for their projects.

This is a great opportunity where a college student can earn money while developing his/her skill and knowledge at the same time.

People are looking for candidates just like you and these are not very technical fields so you can easily do these things after college hours and receive funds while doing something you enjoy.

9.) Answer Questions on the Internet:

The Internet also has the option of letting you make money by answering questions asked by some user. Basically, people pay the person who gives the best and the most useful answer to their query.

You can use this to earn money by being creative with your answer and understanding the needs of the other person.

Some of the recommended sites are Just answering, Ether, Study pool, Experts 123 where you can find a place to earn online.

10.) Start a Blog:

This is one of the most successful methods which turned me into an entrepreneur making a great side income every day.

After I completed my college studies, I started blogging and slowly learned all aspects to become a full-time blogger.

There are many different monetization methods are available to earn through a blog and you can easily earn great monthly revenue.

Even, in this blog, Easy Online Home Jobs, I am generating revenue by displaying ads and selling products online for a commission.

Importance of Saving Bucks:

Saving money in most of the situation is widely helpful. For example, we start a new job or start the small startup companies at this time money is essential.

Our savings will support our financial requirements during these situations. Then many of the banking sectors will ready to give loans to unemployed students so they may utilize these many opportunities for their career development and to get a profit of earnings.

Financial supports for Youth:

The Government of India has come up with Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana, the sole focus of which is to educate the unemployed youth of the country.

The basic premise of this scheme is that self-employment in rural areas is considered the best means to solve growing unemployment as well as upgrade income for college students for their college life.

‘Earn while you learn’ scheme seems a hit among city college students and at various other Implementations. The initiative is having a three-pronged impact.

On the one hand, students are earning some extra pocket money while on the other, they are getting work experience and hands-on training while studying, something that is missing in our education system.

Each student is paid Rs 100 on an hourly basis. So if a student works for an hour a day, he/she would be able to earn Rs 600 a week (Sunday is closed) which means Rs 2,400 in a month which students find attractive.

The government colleges in the cities are severely short-staffed that provides students pitch in with tasks such as data entry, maintaining of records, library management, etc. These activities improve student’s overall revenue.

Benefits of Scale-up Income While Studying:

Reduces College Debt:

In some private institutions, student loans are the only way to afford the cost of tuition.

But, like any other type of financing, student loans – whether federal or private – must be repaid.

With the annual cost of tuition, room, and board at public colleges averaging $13,600 according to the National Center for Education Statistics, it’s no surprise that many students look for ways to save money.

Increases Cash Flow:

The student’s expenses are enlarged, and your parents may not be able to dip into their wallets at every request.

A part-time job for college students can supplement the cash you receive – plus, earning your own royalty gives you a measure of independence.

Provides Money Management Skills:

Nobody learns how to manage money overnight. If you take responsibility for personal expenses, such as cell phones, transportation, and entertainment costs, you’ll learn how to manage your money.

Budgeting is the practice of creating a spending plan for your earnings – tracking how much you bring in versus how much you pay out, striving to keep your expenses less than your income.


Earning income during your college life will help to realize the goals of your life as well as your career.

Now that you’ve explored some easy startup business ideas while studying and learned how to make money in college, it’s time to follow through.

Figure out what might work for you and give it a try. If it doesn’t work, then try something else. Stay confident that you’ll find a way to earn the cash you want.

I have crafted some details on how to increase income for a college student so that they can increase the revenue for their college life and also seen the possible sources of its future importance.


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