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How to Earn Money Online With SFI Affiliate Business?

Written by Devi and Updated on April 13, 2019  1 Comments ]

SFI Affiliate Business is the best way to earn money


Hello Friends, In this article, I am going to write about SFI Affiliate Marketing Business which is one of the world’s renowned affiliate system.

Many people in the world already enrolled in this program and have made great revenue every month.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is a performance-based business model where an individual who joins as an affiliate will earn commission on every sale.

The affiliate is not necessarily to have his/her own product or service, but he/she can market other merchant product for commission basis.

The SFI (Six Figure International) company was formed with the same business model which makes everyone earn money.

[thrive_custom_box title=”Table of Contents” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”” border=””]1.) A small intro about SFI and its Founder
2.) How we can earn in SFI?
3.) How do I make money?
4.) Three core things you need to do in SFI to earn[/thrive_custom_box]



Six Figure International (SFI) was started in 1998 in the United States by Gery Carson with just only one product and their business only in the United States.

Now this company had now grown up with 1,00,000 Products in their e-store with businesses across in 190 countries.

Running successfully for 18 years in the affiliate marketing field with millions of dollars in annual sales turnover and paying commissions to lakhs of affiliates around the world.

SFI is the best long term residual income on Affiliate Marketing program similar to Commission Junction. Duplication and Marketing are the secrets of success in SFI.

About Gery Carson:

Gery Carson was a top affiliate marketer in direct selling company in the United States since 1985 – 1998 and was a famous business magazine publisher.

He was selected as an Outstanding Young Men of America list in 1992 and 1997’s Who’s who in the Media and Communications.

In 1998, he started SFI in the view to utilize the internet to enrich many lives all around the world. Until now, it was one of the fastest growing company in the world.

Their success boomed with the start of their own online store, Triple Clicks in January 2009, which provides an easy way for its members to sell their stuff and also market other products for commissions.



We can earn in three ways:

  • As a Customer:

Buy daily using products (FMCG) and save money

  • As a Marketer:

Invite customers to your Triple Clicks store and earn regular income on every sale that the customer brings for a lifetime.

  • As a Seller:

You can earn cash by selling your own products in their triple click stores. Registration is absolutely free to become an affiliate in SFI.




Create a free account with SFI to start to earn regular income. SFI is all about scoring VP’s and maintaining Leadership level.SFI EA

There were 5-Stages in this business which determines our ranking and Income potential.

Once after your registration, you were ranked as an Affiliate. Now, your next move is to become an (EA) Executive Affiliate, in which you need to score 1500VP.

[thrive_custom_box title=”Table of Contents” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”” border=””]1.) Affiliate
2.) Executive Affiliate – Require 1500VP every month
3.) Bronze Team Leader – Require 3000VP every month
4.) Silver Team Leader – Require 4000VP every month
5.) Gold Team Leader – Require 5000VP every month
6.) Platinum Team Leader – Require 6000VP every month[/thrive_custom_box]

Here, a short note on different stages in the SFI program.

(VP) Versa Points are the points which will be given to you for every action on the SFI website. One of the reasons behind SFI success is immediate income growth once you registered. [1VP = $0.0005]

Let me come to a point, as I said earlier, scoring VPs and maintaining ranking provides a residual income from SFI.

So, what are the ways to score VP?

How to score VP?

In SFI, for each and every action you will be awarded VP.

Each time, when you log in and complete the SFI-TO-DO-LIST, you instantly earn VPs. For how to work on TO-DO-List, go here to check.

Probably you can earn 1500VP in your first month itself and you will eligible to become EA.

Once you become EA, now SFI comes to support you to start earning, yes!


How to become an Executive Affiliate?

Once you attain EA, SFI itself will assign two CSA (Co-Sponsored Affiliates) – I mean customers, and you will earn 20% commissions on all purchase made by them for a lifetime. To keep CSA with you, you need to maintain your EA status every month with 1500VP.

SFI will sponsor 50 CSA once your rank advances to further level which are BTL, STL, GTL, and PTL.

Your income will be harvested into 12 Deep levels once you become Team Leader in the order of 6, 8, 10, 12levels.

So, NO Affiliate Marketing Company will assign customers under your downline but SFI does.

In the above paragraph, I asked you to maintain EA status but to do that you need 1500VP.

Probably your two CSA’s may have purchase something to maintain their ranking and hence you will get 20% commissions so you can use that to buy 1500VP worth 125T-Credit Pack in your second month and no need to invest from your pocket.

Every successive month, place a Standing Order of 125 T-Credit pack which helps to maintain you in EA status and other leadership ranking levels.



  • Login daily and complete To-Do-List and score VPs
  • Place a Standing Order of 1500VP valued product, to which I am recommending 125 T-Credits pack.
  • Duplicate your Sponsor and Market your Online Store.

For every SFI affiliate, it is must have an active standing order of value 1500VP – 2000VP, so as you may stop worrying your loss of hard-earned CSAs.

So, without any investment and moreover right in the first month itself you can earn some decent income in SFI Affiliate Business.

All your payments will be cleared on every month 20th for the previous month earnings once you reached minimum payout limit which is $25 Via PayPal and $100 Via Cheque.

In the direct selling marketing system, SFI takes care in all activities which include Packing, Forwarding, Shipping, Delivering a product and even live customer support to customers on behalf of sponsors and we need not worry about all these things.

Only thing is to sponsor people to SFI and build communication and relation with those active affiliates.

Frequent contact and updates among affiliates and sponsor help to build a strong business platform where everyone can earn. All incomes are taxable according to their respective country laws.

SFI provides a 30Day training session to all new affiliates on their website where we can have access at any time.



There are many different kinds of online business and online jobs were available after the immense growth of the Internet.

But you need to develop your skill and knowledge in the area of your interest as knowledge helps you to earn money.

In SFI Affiliate Business, you can easily achieve success only if you spend time to learn their 30-day training session.

All the Best,



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