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Online Typing Jobs: Part Time Jobs For College Students

Written by Devi and Updated on October 28, 2022  19 Comments ]

Find suitable Online Typing Jobs for College Students.

Today’s internet opened its door wide enough to accommodate a lot of content writers. A person who has the ability to skill full writing holds the highest demand in the market.

Do you ever think of writing an article based on a certain niche? You do think but haven’t possessed the skill for content writing.

But do you ever think that you are good at typing, and then the same skill can help you to make money online every day?


Every person needs additional income to meet their everyday expenses in this economic situation.

In the nutshell, finding easy online typing jobs from home which are free to join is the better start.

In this article, we will go further to learn how we can make money from online typing work as a part-time income that is suitable for college students, housewives, job goers, job seekers, etc.

Why Do People Search for Typing Jobs?

We are living in a world full of expenses more than our earnings and everyone wants to find an additional source of income to manage their expenses.

In recent days, after the dramatic development of the Internet, many people started to make money from home.

There are many different options that were available, but only a few are good.

Since everyone is having access to the Internet today it’s possible to use the internet to earn some additional revenue at home.

Though there are so several jobs available on the Internet, people are still looking for jobs that require less or no capital to start.

In the nutshell, online typing jobs are recently searched by most people including housewives, college students, and even job goers.

Because of the major advantage which is working from home, being free to join, having no boss, etc.

In this article, we will go further to learn how can we make money from online typing jobs by doing part-time at our home or at our office.

1. What is Typing Jobs?

There are several types of work-from-home jobs available but typing jobs hold a unique place because of their demand in the current industry.

Typing jobs are a kind of job where the person usually called a typist, has to type the content from the source file to a digital document.

For example, you have to type the content from a photocopy to MS-word as per the employer’s request.

There are many different kinds of typing were available on the internet such as captcha typing, freelance typing, and content writing.

Even content writing for a website or a blog is also called a typing job. This job is very easy and it does require fewer skills to earn money.

A medium to fast typing speed is essential when you prefer to choose online typing jobs from home.

1.1. Captcha Entry Typing Jobs

It is one of the most popular methods of making money online and still many people are searching for it.

A captcha is a trap to filter bots when submitting an online form and is being used by many online websites to stop and control spamming.

Captcha verification is most widely used in blog comments, online form submissions, and during the registration process as well.

You’ll be required to type the words exactly as seen in the image without any spelling mistakes or errors.

If the word is shown in Caps enter the text in Uppercase and vice versa or both.

Nowadays captcha job opportunities have become fewer because of the introduction of Google Image Captcha.

But still some sites are offering Captcha jobs without investment and you can join for free and make money out of it.

1.2. Micro Jobs

This is one of the easiest typing jobs from home where you are provided with thousands of simple tasks.

Once you become a member of any crowdsourcing site, you can log in to your account & see the possible tasks there.

Recommended Sites: persona.ly, peanut labs, offer toro, adscend, AdGate

You can select the tasks of your choice and complete them.

Payment for each task is different and it depends mostly on the length of the tasks.

Your earnings depend on many factors including your typing activity, smartness to choose & perform the job, etc.

1.3. Transcription Jobs

These days, legal and general transcription is one of the most popular typing jobs.

If your typing speed is 60 wpm with a good command of English, excellent vocabulary skills, good spelling and appropriate usage of punctuation then consider that transcription is the most suitable job for you.

However, pharmaceutical transcription needs skills, specific training, and extensive work experience. Before you actually start working at home you require work on-site at least for at least a couple of years.

If you are good at proofreading and investigating then you can check and edit your own work and apply your research skill when needed.

Your job will grow easier with these special skills. If you are known to operate any transcription software or computer program then it will help you to complete your task faster.

1.4. Freelance Typing Jobs

There are many freelancer websites accessible on the Internet that allow genuine online typing jobs without investment from home.

A freelancer means a person, who works on a particular project or a work, for a particular period of time.

If you are having writing skills you can become a great content writer (Including article writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, and e-books), etc, you can try freelancing.

Recommended Sites to Join: Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, Elance.com, Fiverr.com

1.5. Content Writing Jobs

The internet has modified many traditional businesses to mark their online appearance through a website.

Hence this aim has simultaneously raised the demand for content writers who are specialized to write on any niche.

If you have strong writing skills and a good command of English, then you can find the best content-writing jobs from home.

This is absolutely suitable for college students, educated housewives, and those who want to spend their free period usefully.

1.6. Data Entry Jobs

Another popular category in online typing jobs which is done by most people around the world was Data entry jobs.

This job does not require any special skills other than fast typing and a little English communication skills.

Many companies require their data to be updated and converted into another form and it is still an ongoing process.

So, there is always an opportunity for people to start data entry work.

2. What are the requirements and needs?

Data entry jobs are a category of online typing jobs and it requires some basic skill in converting one form of data into another format.

Let’s see, for example, companies do provide data in jpg, png format or sometimes as audio format or any other format and they ask you to convert it into MS Word or MS Excel format.

You need to type all the contents in the image into MS Word without spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

This is a simple job and it might take some time. But companies will pay a good amount for this work because data is still needed to be maintained in some format for some time.

3. How to Find Jobs in Online Typing?

Media such as Newspapers, online magazines, and TV provide vast information on different types of typing jobs availability and job provider information.

You can find this information in a classified section of newspapers and online magazines.

Even you can see these ads on television that may be displayed at the bottom scrolling during the program.

Even I often use to see many providers who seek data entry operators for their companies. You can note down the address and visit them directly at their spot. Get the information and start your work.

Be patient in searching for genuine data entry jobs provider because there are numerous scams available online.

3.1. Do not Invest Money to Get the Typing Projects

Many companies need to maintain their own data and hence they are willing to pay for their data entry workers.


Some online middle agents will make use of this and they contact the company by showing that we have many people who are ready to work on data entry typing jobs.

After getting the job, they use to sell the project to other people online.

They also ask us to deposit money something like Rs1500/- or Rs2000/- for getting the project. And they will say that this money is for security or some blah blah administration charges.

So be aware of these online scams and never invest money in getting projects in online typing jobs.

4. Highest Paying Online Typing Work

If you have some special knowledge or even expertise in a field such as medical, engineering, law, etc., then you make some more money from these typing jobs.

You can do a medical transcription job, where you need to convert voice-recorded reports as dictated by a physician or any medical professional into MS Word or any other text format.

You can find those kinds of medical transcription data entry jobs from classifieds such as naukri.com.

A company named Acusis pioneering since 2001 in this medical transcription field helped numerous people to get genuine home-based data entry jobs.

4.1. Eligible Requirements

A personal computer with an Internet connection at home.

  • Install MS Office software (MS Word and MS Excel)
  • Need to work 4 – 5 Hrs every day
  • Good, fast typing speed is necessary.

5. Where to Find Legitimate Typing Jobs without Investment?

The Internet holds many genuine opportunities to make money and at the same time, most people were scammed.

So spend some time to make research about the job you are about to do.

I would suggest you register a free account with Freelancer where you can easily get a lot of data entry jobs from different categories.

Also, you can open an account in Odesk where many genuine data entry jobs were available.

These data entry jobs are best suitable for college students, housewives, and retired persons where they can find some leisure time every day and they can spend that time working on these typing jobs to make some money.

These jobs have already helped many students to pursue their studies, and more even pay their fees by doing these online part-time jobs from home with their computer or laptop.


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  1. I see you don’t monetize your website, i’v got idea how to earn some extra money using one simple
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  2. I am doing a job since 11 years. My qualification is MBA HR.
    In part time i am interested to do online typing work is there any job please send the material or asking some question. Please send email.

    1. Hello Ansari,
      Thanks for your comment. If you find spare time daily probably you can try freelancer website for data entry work. There is no intermediator and you can directly work for the employer.
      Tell me if you know about it.

    1. Hi,
      I have already explained the different jobs here in this article. Go through this page completely once again.

  3. I am a beginner for part time data entry jobs. I have studied ICT and had done many courses in ms excel, powerpoint and graphic design. so I am looking for a good part-time data entry job.

    1. Hello Hasitha,
      I have already mentioned all the necessary details on this page. Kindly go through it.

    1. Hello Neeraj,
      I have explained all the process on this page. Go through it once for complete knowledge.

  4. I want to work online part-time job,without investment . Please help me. I can type 30-40 words per minute.

    1. Hello Sridhar,
      In this article, I have mentioned few genuine sites that offer Typing Jobs Online. Go through the article once again to get the complete information.

  5. I have good typing skill.. I completed English higher in typewrìting.. my speed is 45+ words per minute.. any opportunities plz contact my email..

  6. Hi
    I’m rosan I’m interested in online typing works if you have any opportunity call me thanks.

  7. Hi, I am Nismy. I am more interested in typing works. I type both English and Tamil typing. If you have any worthy Opportunity send me an Email.

    1. Hi Nismy,
      Why don’t you try for Freelancer, Fiverr, etc? There you can able to get the job you deserve.

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