Bitcoin: How to Work in Bitcoin Faucets to Earn Free Bitcoins

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Earn a Great Monthly Income from Bitcoins:


Every one of us and including me are searching for genuine and true online work to earn some additional income to manage our financial expenses.

Same way, most people do not aware of such ways where you can earn free bitcoins and sell for cash.

In this article, I am going to explain one such method where you can work for free without investment and earn passive revenue.

Yes, through Bitcoins, it is possible. Bitcoins are popularly known as cryptocurrency which serves a similar function as real money.

I have been personally into this industry since after started my blog and have earned decent revenue as well.



What is a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital Cryptocurrency invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, a digital payment system with the use of open source software became fully functional in 2009.

It is direct peer to peer transaction that takes place only between the two participants directly without an intermediary.

Bitcoin is often called as the first digital crypto-currency or virtual currency and it does not have any central authority to control the flow of these coins. Therefore it is often called first decentralized digital currency.


Uses of Bitcoins:

You can use bitcoin as a subsidiary payment for many financial transactions as this involves very less transaction fee in the range from 0% to less than 2%.

You can Book hotels, flight tickets, spend in restaurants, even use for online purchases, etc.

Merely 1,00,000 merchants all over the world started accepting BTC payments as there is less tax involved in the process.

No country shall deem tax from the bitcoin holders and you can convert Bitcoin to any other country currency at your own will.

If you are in India you can convert into Indian Rupee equivalent to your BTC, if you are in the United States you can convert to US Dollars Similarly if you are in France you can convert to Frank.

So, you might now come to know what is a Bitcoin and it’s purpose? You will know how to use it and what are all the purpose of BTC?

Simply in a single line, we can say,

“With BTC you can do anything you want, purchase anything, book anything, go anywhere without hassling of currency conversions etc.”




✓  Making payments is easier. Bitcoins on mobile allow you to pay in a single step. No need to swipe card, enter a pin or anything. Just scan the QR code from your Wallet app to send BTC.

✓  More secure means of transaction and control over your money.

✓  Can send or process payment anytime, anywhere with this open source software.

✓  Fast, immediate payments across borders. Because there is no bank or central authority to control the flow or no one in between to ask you to wait for 2business days for confirmation etc. No limitations on BTC you are sending.


How does Bitcoin System Work?

The basics: As a new user all you need is to create a Blockchain wallet to hold your BTC. Once you have created an account you will be assigned with a unique Bitcoin address. You can disclose this to anyone to process payments.

Things you should know before entering further:
A blockchain wallet
A BTC Address


BLOCK CHAIN WALLET: It is an online wallet where anyone can create an account for bitcoin transaction for free. Once you opened an account you will be given a unique BTC address to share with others. BTC address is just like your Bank account.

BTC ADDRESS: It is a 34 Alpha Numeric case-sensitive characters which have a similar function as your bank account number.


How to Earn Free Bitcoins?

There are three methods where you can earn free bitcoins. They are:

1.)  Trading

2.) Mining

3.) Working in Faucet Sites.

Out of these three methods, you can earn bitcoins and store in your blockchain wallet.

Later you can use it for any online shopping purpose (or) convert in your local country currency to use for other personal needs.

Let me explain to you all process in details further in this article.

1.) Trading:

Bitcoin Trading is an act of buying and selling bitcoins in a marketplace where traders perform exchange of fiat currencies or altcoins for bitcoins.

If you have a bitcoin in your Blockchain wallet, you can then register with popular trading sites like Binance, Poloniex, etc.

Then fund your account with Bitcoins and start trading according to the market trend.

Trading requires skill and analyzing knowledge to see the profits from your business.


2.) Mining:

Bitcoin mining is a process of adding new transaction records of BTC to the public ledger in blockchain wallet.

This is done because to avoid duplicate transactions or repeated transactions in the network.

If you are still getting confused think about an online lottery game, a series of random numbers will be get rolled and you have to compete with others in your network, attempt many times to guess the right number to win. Isn’t it?


Image credit:

Here’s the same you using hardware and your electricity as admission fee. Whenever a new block is found you will be rewarded with BTC and this process occurs every ten minutes.

If you want to know more in technically about bitcoin mining spend the time to land here.


3.) Working in Faucet Sites:

Faucet sites are a reward system in the form of a website or an app that rewards their users with Satoshis in exchange for completing a task or solving Captcha as described by the website.

This method is very easy to earn free bitcoins without any kind of investment or technical skill and knowledge.

All you have to do is to register an account with this list of sites (listed at the end of the article) and start doing small tasks at a frequent interval.

Also, get your unique referral code and refer other people to join your network to earn a referral commission.

Things you should need to start:

✓  You should need a unique BTC address to work and you can get one address by registering a free account with Blockchain Wallet.

✓  Need to work daily to get more satoshi’s


Earn from bitcoin faucets:

A faucet site offers free Satoshis to their website visitors for completing a simple task or solving Captchas online. They pay immediately to your faucet box account which is relatively easier than paying to your wallet.

Faucet box is completely different than your blockchain wallet and do not get any confusion.

The faucet is like your own purse where you will get money immediately and you need to deposit in the bank for any transactions and similarly you need to transfer your BTC from faucet box to blockchain wallet for transactions.

You can set your payout threshold from your faucet box and all your Satoshi’s will be accumulated until it reaches the threshold.

Once reached the threshold limit, the bitcoins will be automatically deposited into your wallet within next 48Hrs.

Faucet sites will pay to your faucet box account with zero transaction fees. However, blockchain wallet transactions thus charge 2% or less transaction fee for all transactions.

Faucet sites usually pay some less than 10000satoshis and if you deposit it directly to your blockchain wallet you will be charged the transaction fee.

But in case if you transfer more than 0.01000000BTC you won’t be charged.

So, set the payout limit to 0.01000000BTC in your faucet box account for every successful payment. Start working in more number of faucet sites and accumulate Bitcoins in no time in your faucet box.

The Internet has a lot of scammers and they do not leave faucet sites also, so as faucet payment are instant you can get to know the sites genunity immediately after working. You will get your payment in next 5 seconds after completing your task.



How to Work in Faucet Sites?

There are no absolute special skills required for working in faucet sites because it involves only three steps.

1.) Open the site >>>

2.) Enter your BTC address >>>

3.) Complete Captcha or solve a puzzle.

Get paid instantly to your faucet box account.

You do not need to create an account, need to enter the password or reveal your Email.

You work only for 30Secs in one faucet will get you up to 500Satoshis to your faucet box account.

Earning example:
You make 0.001BTC by
working 25+ faucet for 10Hrs a day : [0.001×10 = 0.01BTC = Rs301/-]

If you have 10active referrals: [10×0.01 = 0.1BTC] hence 25% ref commission equals
[0.01+0.025 = 0.035BTC equals Rs1000/-]

You work for 30 days : 30 x 1000 = Rs 30000/- per month

Refer more people and earn at-least minimum 10% to 50% referral commission every day…

POINT TO NOTE: There are three types of tasks you have to do in this faucet sites.

Solving captcha, completing Google Image Captchas or Finding a word or number in a web page.

Work more number of faucets simultaneously to earn more Satoshi’s. Because you will know why? A faucet site will pay an average of 100satoshis per task and again you need wait for some 5mnts to 720mnts and this depends on the site TOS.

Some faucet enables push notifications in their browsers and sound notifications. Enabling browser push notifications will alert you when the time is over and it may ring a bell via enabling sound notifications with your speaker powered on.

If you found messy to work every individual faucet sites try faucet rotator here which will automatically take you to next faucet site after completion of previous faucet sites. It works in a single browser.

Some faucet sites offer rewards and bonus, never forgot to collect that.


Referral commissions:

This takes part in all internet business. Every people will be rewarded with an incentive for referring their program to other people and this reward will be lifetime as long as the referred people were working in their site.

Faucet sites may offer from 5% to 50% referral commission to you. So refer more and earn more. See sample earning calculation above with just 10Active referrals in all faucets you are working.



If you seriously invested your time to work in Bitcoins then you can real money for sure. Ask me if you are having doubts and I will clarify your doubts as soon as possible.

Crypto Currencies are a great source of income for all kind of people with different skill level and knowledge.

Once you have learned the actual part of generating revenue, you can surely earn free bitcoins and convert into your country currency.

Later you can use it for any other purpose as you wish.

[one_half_first][thrive_icon_box color=’orange’ style=’1′ image=’’]

Site no:1 – FREEBIT.CO.IN

Minimum: 0.00000056 BTC
Maximum: 0.05361585 BTC
Payout: 0.00030000 BTC
Revisit: 60 Min
Ref Comm: 50%
Pay Mode: Weekly
Pay Via: Blockchain

[thrive_link color=’orange’ link=’′ target=’_blank’ size=’small’ align=’left’]Register Now[/thrive_link]


[one_half_last][thrive_icon_box color=’orange’ style=’1′ image=’’]


Minimum: 0.00000001 BTC
Maximum: 0.00000500 BTC
Payout: 0.00025000 BTC
Revisit: 5 Min
Ref Comm: 50%
Pay Mode: Weekly / On-Request
Pay Via: Blockchain / Coinpot

[thrive_link color=’orange’ link=’’ target=’_blank’ size=’small’ align=’left’]Register Now[/thrive_link]


[one_half_first][thrive_icon_box color=’orange’ style=’1′ image=’’]


Minimum: 0.00000001 BTC
Maximum: 0.00000500 BTC
Payout: 0.00025000 BTC
Revisit: 5 Min
Ref Comm: 50%
Pay Mode: Weekly / On-Request
Pay Via: Blockchain / Coinpot

[thrive_link color=’orange’ link=’′ target=’_blank’ size=’small’ align=’left’]Register Now[/thrive_link]


[one_half_last][thrive_icon_box color=’orange’ style=’1′ image=’’]

Site no:4 – MOON BITCOIN

Minimum: 0.00000001 BTC
Maximum: 0.00000500 BTC
Payout: 0.00025000 BTC
Revisit: 5 Min
Ref Comm: 50%
Pay Mode: Weekly / On-Request
Pay Via: Blockchain / Coinpot

[thrive_link color=’orange’ link=’′ target=’_blank’ size=’small’ align=’left’]Register Now[/thrive_link]


[one_half_first][thrive_icon_box color=’orange’ style=’1′ image=’’]

Site no:5 – BITFUN DICE

Minimum: 0.00000001 BTC
Maximum: 0.00000500 BTC
Payout: 0.00025000 BTC
Revisit: 5 Min
Ref Comm: 50%
Pay Mode: Weekly / On-Request
Pay Via: Blockchain / Coinpot

[thrive_link color=’orange’ link=’′ target=’_blank’ size=’small’ align=’left’]Register Now[/thrive_link]


[one_half_last][thrive_icon_box color=’orange’ style=’1′ image=’’]

Site no:6 – COMING SOON


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  1. Dear friend,
    How did you earned so much amount in How many days it took for you to earn it? How many referrals you had?

    1. This is possible if you have long term vision and a goal to achieve. First you need to register an account and work as per their TOS.
      Then, you have to refer people to their program and teach them (Duplicate them).
      It will take time. Start a blog like mine and promote your referral link by sharing your own experience.

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