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Earn additional income every month from online part time jobs for college students to fulfil their college expenses

If you are a college student going for some college and doing some graduate course probably you might know how difficult it is to bare your college expenses which includes semester fees, lab fees, practical exam fees, and purchase of notebooks and other items. If you are a day scholar then you can minimize expenses involved in Food but if you are hosteller then you need meet these expenses too.

If you are a college student from an upper middle class family then this will not be much burden for you. But if you are from a middle class or below middle class family then this could be a burden for you during your academic periods. These days almost all colleges are collecting semester fees more than Rs50000/- per 6months and if hostel fees added it will be more than Rs80000/-.
But, with development in Internet technology, many people often doing online part time jobs from home and making decent income every month. Even many college students are already making thousands every month by working part time apart from their daily educational and studying activities. Part time jobs I want to say here is through Internet (online part time jobs).

There are lot of opportunities available in internet waiting for interested and skilled people, lots of companies are coming forward to hire those interested people to work for them in their spare time and make them to complete their tasks. They are ready to pay for this work to be done by those people

It is never too late to start any new venture and this suits for online jobs also. You can earn some decent income from your spare time without affecting your studies and educational activities. But you must poses certain ability and special skills to do this online jobs. Once you started this activity then you will start loving to do more and more tasks online and simultaneously make more income.

Being a student you may know the expenses of education these days and this would be an added burden for your parents or guardian if their salary is lesser which enough to meet their daily needs is.

So it would be a great idea if you do online part time jobs and earn some extra money along with your education will be of so much useful for your parents or guardian and you can meet yourself the financial needs during your college course.

Here I had written about certain genuine online methods to make money online that would be so useful for you during your college days. On further scrolling in this page, this article has been split under different titles and here are the table of contents. Just click on the concerned titles to read about the particular information you gonna be interested.

Freelancing Jobs:

Freelancers are mostly wanted by many companies because for one reason that the company can choose the best worker for their projects and also as a worker we are having freedom in choosing our employer to whom we are working. Even we can choose the projects only we can able to complete. Some of the projects for college students are article writing, designing jobs (Photo editing, logo designing), data entry jobs etc.

Today online business was completely laid around a website or a blog. Hence many online companies and online business needs creative content writers for their website or blog. If you are good at writing an article based on a topic, then you can get hired by many online companies. Numerous opportunities are available for content writers and there stands a lakhs of companies who are ready to pay millions of dollars for content writers.

You can start working as a content writer for a company directly or can write an article on a niche and place the article for sale in article directories such as,, fiverr,

Same again here, all online business needs a website. Along with content, images and design plays a crucial role in delivering the website. Business needs branding, so if you are well with logo designing and know to work in photoshop, you can make big revenue every month as a freelancer. You can get more than one jobs from many companies that pave way to generate more income.

The above said freelancing jobs do require some special skills and knowledge in computer thus their pay rate is also quite high comparing to others. So you may think I don’t have that much knowledge, then how can I make some income from online part time jobs. Do not worry about this, freelancer website does have so many online part time jobs such as data entry, form filling, Captcha solving jobs.

You can choose one among them to start making money today. Without any hesitation, you can decide to go working with freelancer website as this is the best work from home jobs without investment.

Earn Crypto currencies:

Crypto currency is an alternative subset of real money specifically declared as a digital currency. They are operated from entirely decentralized environment that is there is no particular authority to control transactions over crypto currencies. Bitcoins, simply called as BTC is the first decentralized crypto currency into financial market launched in 2009.

If we transfer money there is a centralized unit called as banking systems which completely controls the flow of money, but in crypto currencies there is no such banking systems.

You can have full control over your BTC. You can use the BTC as replacement for real money to purchase goods and services, book a movie tickets, flight tickets, spend in hotels and restaurants, pay for individual living expenses, and exchange for conventional currencies etc. It is neither a currency nor a form of money but holds value more than real money.
There are many alternative crypto currencies have been launched in the market named as altcoins. Some of those altcoins are litecoin, dogecoin, peercoin, Dev coin, Tera coin, gold coin, digital coin and more. Among all those BTC have more value with respective to US dollars. Based on the market structure of May2016, BTC has a value of USD 500$.

You can earn BTC in two processes, one is mining and one is working in faucet sites. Mining is a process which employs a special software to solve math problems and as a result of success it issues a certain number of bitcoins in exchange.

Bitcoin Faucets are a reward system in the form of website or app that rewards its visitors in the form of satoshi which are the fractions of Bitcoins. When visitors visited the website or app they need to complete a task or to solve captcha as described by the website and they will be rewarded in satoshis.

Accumulate your satoshi in Block Chain wallet and trade for real money or spend for any online purchases. You do not need to work for day and night, but you can work in your spare time. This online part time jobs can be even done in mobile through their apps, as most bitcoin faucets have launched their app for their users to work at their convenient time.


Blogging has been so called the fruit of online money making, because any one can start blogging for free without spending a single penny from their pocket. You can have complete freedom on what you blog for. It is not all about making money online it also gives value to your education.

You can start a blog for anything. Get a free blog from Google Blogger (they will give a sub-domain .blogspot and free hosting) and start posting articles on the topic you are interested and passion about. Start working part time at the beginning, gain knowledge from information learned from other similar blog in your niche.
Slowly, steadily optimize your blog to dig deep to harvest money from your blog. You can blog for anything, blog for fashion, passion, expressing your own ideas and thoughts and so and so. With just blog you can’t make money unless and until you get some decent amount of unique visitor’s everyday say about 200visits.

Once you are at that destination then start implementing the way that feeds money from your blog visitors. You can make money blogging in such ways that might be from displaying PPC CPC based banners, promoting affiliate links, taking part in Google Adsense and other similar display networks etc. You can get an idea about make money blogging once you read this explanation.

Affiliate Marketing:

It is a program which involves selling a product or service on behalf of actual producer or manufacturer of the product on a pre-defined commission basis. A simple design to reward affiliates on performance based on marketing for a product or services.

It requires some effort though the process is simple. The work is that you have to find the same minded people in your social networks, friends, colleagues, and promote a product. Once they purchased the product you will get some decent income.

You can get a free affiliate account from commission junction, flipkart, snapdeal, amazon etc. After that choose a product related to your blog and get the banner link or text link depending on your article context and blog appearance. Promote the links and convert those visitors into buyers. Make a decent income of upto 75% of the product MRP value.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best decision in online part time jobs and mostly suitable for college students as it requires only lesser time involved every day.

Online survey jobs:

Many multinational manufacturing companies around the world are constantly involved in the process of improving their products or services to survive in this competitive market. They are ready to spend billions of dollars to get real feedback and suggestions from their customers and people around the world. They are interested to know on what people are thinking about their product or services.
In this scenario, we people can make some money by providing valuable feedbacks and suggestions. There comes a survey company who do all activities involved in survey process which includes taking order from clients, organizing survey questions, formulating survey engines, inviting people to participate and attend the surveys. On successful completion, participants will be rewarded with real money or gift vouchers.

Survey companies have already a large database of members from different categories from different parts of the world who are ready to give their opinions for cash. Hence, this reduces burdens to manufacturing companies involved in survey process and push them to give orders to survey companies. They take care of all process and complete the survey.

Learn what are survey sites and how it survey site works? Usually we will get $5 – $50 per survey and it depends on length of the survey. Usually we will get 2 – 3 surveys per month from one survey panel and it is best advisable to join more genuine survey panels to get more income every month.

Final words of success:

Doing online part time jobs in your spare time will make your time productive and also you can support your education financially. On your consistent work you can even support your economical status of your family. Internet is having huge opportunities of online jobs but you must aware of finding the genuine methods to make money.

Before doing any online part time jobs spend more time to read and understand the concept of their working strategy, what is your part, how you will be paid, how long you will be paid etc.

Your valuable comments and suggestions are welcome. Did I miss anything important here? Or do I want to update more tips? Or do you want to discuss further? Post everything here in comment section.

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