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Easy Online Home Jobs was started on 2015 with a view to share, inspire and engage the web community with interesting information about different legitimate online money making way’s from home.

At our starting age, we do ourselves the content writing task but with the time goes and to compete on the way, Easy Online Home Jobs was looking for new aspiring, creative content writers around the world.

Our doors now open in welcoming new writer’s to join our team. All individuals will be given an opportunity to explore their talents and those who desire to produce quality content with actionable advice – will be rewarded for sure.


What kind of Content is accepted?

Easy Online Home Jobs broadly classified into SEVEN wonders – Online Jobs, Affiliate Marketing, Online Surveys, Blogging, PTC Sites, Bitcoins and Reviews.

Any content writers who can write the article on the above seven topics are most welcome.


Terms and Conditions:

All contents must be original and clearly informative. The author should own the content.

Your content should be at your best, that explaining the topic.

You should include associative images with your article to add more value (600 x 315 size must).

We publish an article of anywhere between 2000 – 3500 words because to deliver the information at its best.

Separate lengthy content’s with sub-headings and suitable images, illustrations, stats, facts etc.

Write for the people casually.

To write articles for Easy Online Home Jobs, you should know our site purpose and hence it is required to add two internal links to our other articles (Optional). This ensures your true interest on our blog.

We will edit the content to seek clarity for our audience. By the way, you are ensuring full rights after submitting the article and when it is kept for review by our editor’s.



By submitting your article to Easy Online Home Jobs, you are abiding by our TOS and it means that you are giving full copyright ownership to Easy Online Home Jobs.

To deal with DMCA issues, we seek the copyright ownership of your submitted articles.

All articles published on our site may be either moved, reorganized or even removed (if possible reason arises) and the entire rights are at sole discretion of Easy Online Home Jobs administration only.

You should not republish your content elsewhere once it is published by Easy Online Home Jobs. Your submitted article will be reviewed every 10days by our Web Spam Team for plagiarism or duplicate publication. (Duplication publication will be removed immediately without any notice)


Do you get paid?


First-time writers to Easy Online Home Jobs are provided a back-link to their website or blog.

Repeating writers will be rewarded with a payment of $5 – $25 assessing their quality of work.


Charges for Review Writing:

We do publish review writing on our blog. It includes reviewing other blogs, products, services, etc.

Every review article should accept the same Terms of Conditions and be true.

Review writing article will be published after collecting payment from the writers.

Review article for Blog (min -2000words): $30 per article
Review article for products (min – 2000words): $50 per article
Review article on services (min – 2000words): $75 per article.


Charges on Promotional Content:

Content that means to be written in advertising a product or service of a brand, and in view of generating sales or leads will be considered as promotional.

All these types of content will be chargeable.

Promotional content for blog service (min – 2000 words): $35 per content
Promotional content for product sales (min – 2000 words): $50 per content
Promotional content on services (min – 2000 words): $75 per content


How to submit the articles?

So once you are completely satisfied and ready to submit your Guest post, please write an email to us with the following details.

Article Title:
Article Length:
Blog Name:
Previous article source links:
Send to:

Once we received your application, we will process it and reviewed by our Web Spam Team. Once after everything seems good to us, we will then send a reply to your email id to write for us.


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