Easy online jobs: online home based jobs for housewives

Top recommended easy online jobs for housewives who are not able to go for regular 9 – 5 Jobs

Today many housewives were literate almost all of them have completed at least one undergraduate degree.

But after marriage due to their family circumstances they are not able to go for regular 9 – 5jobs and hence this makes them search for online home based jobs.

There are so many easy online jobs available on the internet that makes them earn a pretty decent income every month.


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In my previous article, I had covered about part time jobs for students and top 16 online money making methods that pull me to write an article that poses usefulness to housewives particularly.

Hence it requires a little time for you to read and grab information I have shared here.

Here I might basically cover the Freelancing work that is becoming trending in the online business world giving a huge number of business opportunities to huge people particularly those housewives can make use of these offers to make some extra secondary income from the comfort of their home.

If you look at the foreign females mostly they live their life from their own earnings by doing easy online jobs from home.

They experience their life just from their home looking after their family both financially and morally.

The family relationship in our country poses women’s having most responsibility in the growth of their siblings and hence this causes them not to go for regular 9 – 5 jobs.

They have to give up their jobs for their family even though they are well educated and knowledgeable.

In this internet era, you can have enough time to manage your family and work equally by working in your home.

Yes, you can setup a virtual office space in your home and do take freelancing works.

What are freelancing works?

A freelancer or freelance worker is commonly referred to a person who is indulged to work for an employer until completion of a particular task and not for a long term.

Read what Wikipedia says about freelancing work?.

Moreover, there is no need for any means of written bonds between employee and employer.

As a freelancer you can work for any company as you wish, can choose any jobs that you already been into, can set your own working hours, can set your payment threshold.

There are a lot of freelance works available and most online business companies are seeking freelancers to complete their tasks or projects because to reduce hectic process in maintaining a labor platform for a long term.

Freelancing in other terms can be referred to Project Outsourcing appointed to do a particular project or a task.

Table of Contents


1.) Content Writing
2.) Medical transcription
3.) Online tutoring
4.) Data entry jobs
5.) Online survey jobs


1.) Content writing jobs:

content-writerHousewives have some plenty of time in their home sitting and reading books.

So I can say that they can able to write an article if they were given a topic.

Business needs contents and not all companies can able to recruit people for content writing. So they offer this job to freelance workers.

You should have to deliver neat, quality unique contents of more than 1500words then you can earn daily.

Companies are ready to pay Rs.100 – Rs.500 per article and imagine if you write one article per day it will count 30nos. per month and you can make around Rs.15000/- every month.

Basic skills required for a successful content writer:

√ Master different writing skills
√ Always being original
√ Knowing about SEO, HTML, CSS, and WordPress
√ Be a social media specialist
√ Write topic specific targeted article

Just by spending 2 – 3 hrs a day in searching internet and reading books to write an article you can make Rs.15000 easily.

2.) Medical Transcription:

It is a process of converting or transcript a voice-recorded report as dictated by physicians or medical professionals into a text format for future records.

It requires a special training program because you need to learn about the medical terms.

So to attend the classes you have to search for medical transcription training center in your locality.

Some coaching centers offer paid training like attending a college or tuition.

Once completed you will be asked for recruitment, you can join if you wish or else you can opt to work from home based.

You can search for medical transcription jobs in Naukri, indeed, or freelancer website.

If you want to do this work from home then you need some equipment’s such as a personal computer with internet connection, head phone, medical transcription software.

3.) Online Tutoring:

medical-transcription-classesIf you have an ability to teach about something or you may be a teacher now not able to go for a job then you search for online tutoring jobs.

It is the best easy online jobs from home you have been waiting for.

You can teach on any subject you know well and you are expertise in.

Here are some sites that I recommended sounds to be genuine in their payment with decent participants in their websites.

Tutor Vista is the top recommended site where you need to submit your resume because they are so professional.

Elance is another online tutoring site where you can create a profile and specify your skills.

If someone interests in your profile they might contact you for further proposals.

Some more sites I would recommend are Tutor.com, Fiverr.com, craigslist.com etc.

Join all those sites here and post your profile which will help you to make more income.

Fix your own time, choose your desired subject to teach.

Online tutoring jobs are the perfect online home based jobs for housewives to earn some extra revenue from the comfort of their home.

4.) Data Entry Jobs:

Online data entry jobs are perfect for housewives and part time jobs seekers.

Few of those jobs are:

captcha typing,

MS-word typing,

MS-excel typing,

form filling jobs,

Image conversions jobs,

copy paste work, etc.

You can spend your spare time effectively to earn some additional revenue online.

Many companies need typists for maintaining their records simply to make a soft copy of all their reports.

To take these jobs you need basic knowledge of MS-office.

You need to type in the contents from JPEG image into MS word.

There is no limit on your earnings as you can take as many projects as you can able to complete.

There are a lot of scams available on the internet so be aware while choosing genuine data entry jobs.

So as I said earlier work as a freelancer.

Choose genuine online data entry jobs from freelancer websites such as Odesk, Elance, Freelance etc. where both employee and employer will be secured financially.

5.) Online surveys:

online-surveysIt is another best online earning opportunity for housewives.

Surveys are a process of asking a sequence of questions to collect reviews and suggestions about a product or a service.

Many international companies seek their customers experience about their products or services to serve better than before and to launch more new features in their products.

All this can be done only if they knew what their customers think of their products.

So the survey concept came.

You can make around Rs.50 to Rs.500 per survey depending on the length of the survey.

Join some of the genuine paying survey companies such as,

  • Global test market,
  • Ipsos Opinion,
  • Ipoll opinion surveys,
  • Worthy Shout for Indian peoples,
  • Paid polls and surveys
  • etc.

After successful registration login to your account, complete your profile surveys to become eligible to attend available surveys.

You will be sent an invitation email if you are eligible to attend the surveys.

So add website email id in your contact to avoid being invitation email land in your spam folder.

Every survey will have screening section before attending the surveys, so please answer genuinely and truly to avoid being screened from the surveys.

Final Words…

I have covered some popular online home based jobs for housewives to make some extra additional revenue from their home.

If you have any more easy online jobs feel free to share with me here so that people will get more information that will be useful in many ways to them.


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